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Jason Momoa Turns 43 Today and He is More Than Excited About His Day!

Jason Momoa, known and famous for his parts in “Aquaman” and “Game of Thrones,” celebrates his 43rd birthday on August 1.

He has turned 43 years old today, and according to reports, he is feeling amazing and so happy and can’t wait to celebrate his day with his wife and children in their Beverly Hills home. 

Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa is a Hollywood actor, model and producer, born on August 1, 1979, famous for his performances in the T.V. show “Baywatch Hawaii” and “Stargate: Atlantis”. 

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His portrayal of Khal Drogo in H.B.O., the “Game of Thrones” series, boosted his reputation and pushed his career forward, luring the attention of producers and mainstream audiences. He started as a model before turning to act. 

He was quickly at the top of his modelling career and was named the ‘Hawaii Model of the Year due to his good looks and chiselled figure. We want to honour him as the rising star he is today.

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F.A.Q.s –

Full name: Joseph Jason Namakaeh Momoa

Birthdate: August 1, 1979

Age: 43

Zodiac: Leo

Height: 6′ 4″

Relationship: Divorced

Net worth: 14 million dollars

Momoa was conceived in Honolulu and brought up by his mother in Norwalk, Lowa. Momoa returned to Hawaii after graduating high school and enlisted at the University of Hawaii. 

However, his life would soon switch when he was noticed by Takeo Kobayashi, a global fashion creator, and that’s when his modelling career began.

Jason Momoa was granted “Hawaii’s Model of the Year” and walked Louis Vuitton’s catwalk at the Governor’s Show in 1999, thanks to his handsome looks and chiselled figure.

Momoa then turned his direction to acting and, in 1999, auditioned for the lead role in the global hit T.V. show ‘Baywatch’. He was selected from over 1,000 other entertainers for the character of Jason Loan, which he recreated for two seasons. 

After the show ended in 2001, Momoa spent a lot of time touring around the world, including a trip to Tibet, where he found Buddhism. Momoa later moved to Los Angeles to follow an acting career. 

His first two T.V. film instalments, “Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding” (2003) and “Tempted” (2003), kept his look in front of the camera until his subsequent instalment in the series “North Shore” in 2004. 

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“North Shore” lasted only 20 episodes, but when it did, Momoa got a much better play – “Stargate: Atlantis.” Momoa’s part as Ronan Dex in several seasons of the famous sci-fi series catapulted him to the next level of fame.

About this time, Momoa was also involved in an altercation at a bar in Los Angeles where a fellow customer broke a glass over his face, leaving him with 140 stitches and a scar over his left eye. 

After that, the spot became an autograph for Momoa and served him well in his next part that would catapult his job to new heights. In April 2011, H.B.O. premiered a new theatre called “Game of Thrones”, in which Momoa played Khal Drogo, the Dothraki monarch.

 Momoa debuted as the good-for-nothing runner in 2016’s Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice following the information that he will join the superhero fraternity on the big net as Aquaman. 

In 2017, he starred with other D.C. comics icons. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the movie “Justice League”. However, his solo film, “Aquaman,” released in late 2018, catapulted Momoa to fame.

Jason Momoa is said to have wedded actress Lisa Bonet in 2007, but the pair only tied the mess in October 2017. The couple’s kids are son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa and daughter Lola Iolani Momoa. 

In 2019, Momoa revealed that he would be working with Ball Corporation to build a brand-new line of canned water.

 In the video, the actor stressed the importance of switching from plastic bottled water to recyclable aluminium cans and shaving off his beard to celebrate the news.

In his personal life, Momoa is a loving husband and father. The star is still fine about his battles and challenges and is verbal about his honest ways. 

The Hawaii-born actor started his career as a model when he was 19 years old, soon after making his first impression with a brief appearance in Baywatch Hawaii. 

Since then, Jason has landed leading parts and never glanced back. His most famous works have The Game, Stargate: Atlantis, Game of Thrones, Aquaman and many others.

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