B.T.S.: J-Hope sets record for “Highest Selling Artist” in History, draws MASSIVE CROWD as ARMYs gather for ‘Hobipalooza.

J-Hope sets record for “Highest Selling Artist” in History
J-Hope sets record for “Highest Selling Artist” in History
J-Hope sets record for “Highest Selling Artist” in History

A member of the world-famous Korean band, B.T.S., J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok, is making a lot of clamour in the world of pop, and everybody is going nuts for it. As we all know, the B.T.S. members are currently focusing on their solo careers for the time being, and J-Hope is no exception. Jung Hoseok, aka J-Hope, has released a solo album called Jack In The Box. The songs in this album have already become chartbusters. God just give some people everything!

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J-Hope has become one of the most prominent celebrity musicians, and it is evident from their ever-rising popularity, both in Korea and outside Korea, especially in the West. The B.T.S. member is taking over and conquering all the solo albums, Music festivals, and interviews that come his way. Yesterday, Jung Hoseok headlined the Lollapalooza and ARMYs were stoked for the same. American ARMYs and some of the lucky ones who had luck on their side and the privilege of attending the Music festival highlighted by the talented Jung Hoseok at Hobipalooza turned up in record-breaking numbers.

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J-Hope headlined the Lollapalooza.

J-Hope recently performed at Lollapalooza in Chicago, turning it into “HobiPalooza”. As expected, it was a full house. It broke records, cementing Jung Hoseok as the “highest selling artist” in History. His fans, who are lovingly known as his ARMY, turned out in extremely hefty numbers to see and support their favourite musician, J-Hope. Apart from his fans, the other two B.T.S. members, Jimin and Becky G, also graced the concert with their presence and to cheer for their band-mate and friend.

 To add to the fact that J-Hope was rocking the stage, Becky G joined him on stage, making the Hobipalooza even more epic. In a fated meeting, both “J’s” met at Lalapalooza, where J-Hope finally meets J-Cole. Twitter was bustling with tweets of pictures and videos from the concert. This made this event a big hit in Hollywood News. This cements one thing for sure, B.T.S. as a group or as solo members will forever be regarded in a high place in the music industry and the hearts of the fans.

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 #HOBIPALOOZA is one of the biggest trends on Twitter right now as the “ARMY” is gone wild and unable to keep calm. The K-pop star’s swag and energy are infectious and show in the crowd and on social media!

Some of the Tweets from the concert are:


Hobi #Lollapalooza Soundcheck Setlist

1. Daydream

2. More

3. Arson

4. Baseline

5. Blueside

6. Hangsang

7. P.O.P.

8. Equal Sign

9. Stop

10. Safety Zone

11. What if

12. Dynamite

13. Ego

14. Hope World

15. Just Dance

16. Chicken Noodle Soup (C.N.S.)

17. Future


2: @bluehoya218

I just started crying…I am so proud of Hoseok! Taking on this challenge and finally sharing his art with us on a stage…

#HOBIPALOOZA #jhope #jhope_Arson #jhope_EqualSign #JackInTheBox #jhope_BlueSide #jhope_MORE 


3: @bakugosbiitchh

the line for j-hope rn… and he doesn’t come on for 12 more hours #HOBIPALOOZA


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