Ivana, Ex-Wife of Donald Trump dies at 73

Ivana, Ex-Wife of Donald Trump
Ivana, Ex-Wife of Donald Trump
Ivana, Ex-Wife of Donald Trump

Ivana Trump, a Czech immigrant, was the first wife of Former President Donald Trump. Sadly, she passed away on July 14 in her home in Manhattan. She was 73 years old.

Police got a crisis call at 12:40 p.m., and she was pronounced dead at the scene. New York police investigators started an examination. They saw no sign of forced entry or any sign of injury suggesting murder.

The New York City medical officer’s office will attempt to decide the cause.

Ivana is the mother of Donald trump’s three oldest children.

Ivana, Ex-Wife of Donald Trump

“Our mom was an extraordinary woman, a force in business, a brilliant marvel, a top-notch athlete, and a caring mother and companion,” the Trump family said in a statement. “Ivana Trump was a survivor. She escaped from socialism and embraced this country. She showed her children coarseness, toughness, empathy, and determination,” the family continues. “Her three children and ten grandkids will sincerely miss her.” 

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Here is a look at her incredible life

Early Life

Ivana Marie Zelnickova was born Feb. 20, 1949, in what is currently Zlín, in the Czech Republic. Her mom worked as a telephone operator, and her dad was an engineer.

She showed great ability in skating and skiing in her childhood. Eventually, she moved to Charles University in Prague and, in the mid-1970s, wedded Austrian skier Alfred Winklmayr.

Ivana said the marriage never culminated and ended in divorce. However, she got an Austrian passport, which helped her departure from socialist Czechoslovakia.

Ivana, Ex-Wife of Donald Trump
NEW YORK, NY – CIRCA 1987: Ivana Trump and Donald Trump circa 1987 in New York City. (Photo by PL Gould/IMAGES/Getty Images)

She was a professional model.

Ivana began her professional career before the camera in her home country of Czechoslovakia. After moving to Canada with her then-husband, Alfred Winklmayr, things started to take off. Some of her noteworthy clients include the designer Auckie Sanft, the “Got Milk” franchise, and Eaton’s retail chain.

 She initially met Donald Trump while working for the 1976 Olympic Games. In an uncovered live radio meeting with Howard Stern from 2002, Donald Trump said that Ivana’s exotic accent had enchanted him at first yet, at last, started to bother him.”

Marriage to Donald Trump

The couple met in 1976 at an Upper East Side watering hole, and Donald offered to assist her party with getting a table. He charmed her, and a year later, the pair got married. Throughout their relationship, Ivana settled in the Trump Organization, filling in as the Vice President of Interior Design. Later, she was appointed as the leader of Trump’s Casino in Atlantic City and the Plaza Hotel.

Her Role in Trump’s Business

Throughout the marriage, Mrs. Trump played a functioning part in her better half’s organizations, even when their children were toddlers. In 1979, she became a VP in the Trump association, responsible for decorating the interiors of her husband’s properties.

Ivana, Ex-Wife of Donald Trump

As Trump Tower was being constructed, Donald Trump requested that his architect plan a second condo for his family if his marriage went to pieces. In 1984, the family moved into the new tower, possessing a three-story, 53-room penthouse that incorporated his-and-her restrooms.

Mrs. Trump additionally brightened a few different properties, including the Trump Plaza club for Atlantic City. She was named leader of New York’s Plaza Hotel soon after Donald Trump got it in 1988 for more than $400 million. She got a yearly compensation of $1 — in addition to all the high fashion clothing she needed, which supposedly added up to as much as $500,000 every year.

Mrs. Trump played a crucial part in reestablishing the fading hotel to its previous greatness. Her flashy adorning style came to represent the ludicrous lavishness found in many Trump structures.

Ivana, Ex-Wife of Donald Trump

In spite of the ugly proceedings of the divorce, Ivana and Donald had a close friendship.

The Press had a field day in 1992 when Donald and Ivana divorced, sprinkling headlines about his affair with a younger model Marla Maples across newspaper covers. However, even 20 years after that, the Former President thought of her as a counsel and adviser. “We talk before and after my speeches, and he asks me my thought process,” she told the New York Post in 2016.

She published her memoir in 2017.

Ivana’s memoir Raising Trump covers her journey from socialist Czechoslovakia to New York. This is where she turned into a successful businesswoman and wife to Donald. She wrote “unfiltered confidential stories” about her three children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. They contributed “memories” to the book and were apparently “exalted” about their mother’s most recent undertaking.

Ivana had previously published a semi-personal romance novel, For Love Alone. She also published the self-improvement book The Best Is Yet to Come: Coping with Divorce and Enjoying Life Again.

Personal Branding was her game!

Soon after her highly broadcasted divorce, Ivana set herself up independently as a businesswoman. In addition to the fact that she composed books, she also launched branded clothes, perfumes, and jewelry.

In 1996, she made an appearance in The First Wives Club with the now legendary line, “Women, you must be independent and strong, and remember…Don’t get mad. Get everything!”. She’s likewise the person who gave Trump his renowned nickname: The Donald.

Ivana married four times in her life.

Her latter two marriages after Trump were both to handsome young Italians. “I have this thing for Italians. I don’t have the slightest idea why,” she told Oprah in 2013.

 She was first married to Rubicondi. However, at last, the couple threw in the towel in 2019 after a long now and again romance. 

She then married Rossano. “Rossano invests a ton of energy in Italy, and I invest a great deal of time in New York, Miami, and Saint-Tropez. And he needs to work,” Ivana told Page Six. “The distant relationship truly doesn’t work. We lived it up and are friends. The split was friendly.”

Her Grandkids call her an adorable name.

They don’t call her nana or Grandma. “They call me ‘Glam-ma’ or ‘Ivana-ma,’ for the little ones,” she said.

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