Is Aitch Dating Amelia?

Is Aitch Dating Amelia?

Is Aitch Dating Amelia: Rapper and composer Aitch was born in Manchester on December 9th, 1999. The 22-year-old has succeeded in overtaking the music industry after his breakout song Straight Rhymez became viral online while he was working on a construction site.

Harrison Armstrong, the musician from the north, described how he came up with his peculiar stage name. “My true name begins with the letter H, so I’ve been called ‘H’ from time to time,” he said.

Is Aitch Dating Amelia?

Is Aitch Dating Amelia?

It appears that Aitch and Amelia Dimoldenberg have opted to remain “friends” after months of rumours about their romance.

When the Buss Down rapper released many TikTok videos of him out on a date with an unknown woman earlier this year, there were online rumours that they were dating.He was with the creator of Chicken Shop Date, as many fans thought, and they were correct.

Aitch, actual name Harrison Armstrong, uploaded a video of the couple last month and concluded his dating series by commenting, “Yeah you guessed it, f*** off now.”Although the video seemed to establish the couple’s relationship, there were many questions about their motives in the comments section.

One admirer wrote: “Better not be for publicity,” and another: “U better not be playin.”The last video posted on Amelia’s TikTok account shows the couple sitting down to talk about their relationship status, albeit it is unclear whether this was just for show or not.

Strangely, they each bought the other the exact same “best friends” bracelet, giving the impression that the entire exchange was orchestrated.Thousands of individuals have commented on the post, and many of them have accused the couple of fabricating their entire relationship to promote their online identities.

Aitch’s Career

After being expelled from school and growing tired of working in construction with his grandfather, Aitch started his career back in 2015. He created a YouTube channel after deciding to become a rapper. His freestyle rap career began, and he found recognition on YouTube after a video of him rapping to pals went viral.

Later, he continued to post freestyle rap videos on his YouTube site to check for feedback.He afterwards started showing up on the P110 YouTube channel. His single Back to Basics, which was made available on the channel in 2017, did reasonably well.

Is Aitch Dating Amelia?

Who is Amelia?

British journalist, comedian, YouTuber, and television host Amelia Dimoldenberg developed the web series “Chicken Shop Date,” in which she conducts interviews with grime musicians and rappers in fried chicken joints. She was recognised among the most influential individuals in London and The Sunday Times ranked her as the 77th biggest influencer in the UK.

As for now, the online hype created is confirming that Aitch and Amelia are dating whereas some are saying that all of the events was staged.


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