Inattentive driving prevention technology enables NAPA Transportation to protect its fleet


Mechanicsburg, Pa.-based dry van and refrigerated truckload carrier NAPA Transportation recently selected Omnitracs’ SmartDrive SmartSense for Inattentive Driving+ to improve driver safety.

Solera’s Omnitracs says its inattentive driving video safety solution makes use of next-generation computer vision algorithms and a custom sensor to help keep the fleet safe. For “instant and accurate” detection of driver inattention based on head position, eyelids open or shut, gaze direction, and phone use, Inattentive Driving+ utilises AI and sensor data from the car’s on-board computers.

“Our goal at NAPA Transportation is to implement and maintain a best-in-class safety culture where every action, activity, or decision begins and ends with a focus on safety,” said NAPA safety director Joseph Salisbury. As a result, we look for companies that share our passion and whose portfolio aligns with our safety requirements.

Because of this proactive nature, my team is able to engage our drivers’ workforce more effectively with Inattentive Driving+, change their behaviour when necessary, and reduce the risk to ourselves and the general public we share the nation’s highways with. In the long term, I look forward to working with Omnitracs.

In 2019, 3,142 people were killed in distracted-related crashes, which is expected to rise above 3,500 in 2020, according to Omnitracs, a company that monitors distracted driving. Based on the insights and data from more than 300 million driving safety events and more than 30 billion miles driven across all transportation sectors, SmartDrive technology has been used to train and inform sensors for the last two decades.

With two cameras in a single unit, the Inattentive Driving+ solution provides a complete view of the driver’s face, eyes, and hands to identify safety-critical actions. It is only with two cameras that a fleet can truly determine whether or not the driver is paying attention, even if the driver is sporting sunglasses. The solution prevents inattention before it causes a collision by providing real-time alerts to drivers when they are inattentive or drowsy, offloading video safety technology for expert review, and displaying scored and documented video in an easy-to-use coaching workflow for fleet managers and drivers.

This partnership with NAPA Transportation is an exciting one for Solera’s new fleet business, which aims to help drivers and fleets stay safe, says Ayron McLochlin, VP of sales for the company’s new fleet business. Proactively notifying drivers when they’re snoozing or distracted is the goal of the SmartDrive SmartSense for Inattentive Driving+ solution. Thanks to this and our overall safety and driver coaching platform, NAPA will be able to meet their expectations of a best-in-class safety culture.

In order to make roads safer for everyone, “We look forward to working with NAPA and others who may be interested in our safety solutions.”

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