IBM Edge Application Manager is now accessible to smart devices with mimik Technology edgeEngine


Business Wire — Oakland, Calif. As part of the Linux Foundation’s open Horizon project, mimik has completed an edgeEngine integration and contributed the code to LF Edge. An intelligent workflow management and DevOps tool that manages containerized workloads from the central cloud all the way to the endpoints on heterogeneous edge devices is the first of its kind. Manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and automotive are just some of the industries that can benefit from the integration of commodity endpoint devices into a software delivery solution that can be easily managed. Mimik has been invited to join the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) as a voting member and as a partner of the Open Horizon project alongside IBM in recognition of their significant contribution to the platform’s technical strategy as it provides AI-driven distributed workflow management solutions.

According to the company’s chief technology officer, Michel Burger, “mimik is delighted to contribute to Open Horizon and we are honoured to join the steering committee and serve as a partner for this important initiative.”. IBM Edge Application Manager’s integration with mimik’s platform has “excited us and we are actively engaged in a number of deployments and proof of concept that demonstrate the power of the combined solution,” as stated by the firm.

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A commercial product based on Open Horizon, the IBM Edge Application Manager, now has the ability to manage workloads on smart devices like smartphones and sensors thanks to the addition of Mimik’s edgeEngine software as a deployable target. Solution providers can use these commodity heterogeneous computing devices in a variety of applications, such as robot-assisted inspection cameras or point-of-sale terminals, as a result of this new extension. Open Horizon is only possible with the help of the mimik edgeEngine software, which is installed on these smart devices.

Mimik has joined the Open Horizon project as its first new project partner since it was founded by IBM, according to Joe Pearson, chair of the Open Horizon project at LF Edge. With Open Horizon’s application deployment and lifecycle management solution and Mimik Technology’s edgeEngine, we can deliver on the fundamental promise of edge computing: to manage applications and machine learning securely and efficiently across large fleets of heterogeneous devices, no matter what state they are connected to. ” Seeing how this collaboration will change the retail, automotive, and agricultural industries in the near future is exhilarating.

As a result of its significant contributions to the Open Horizon project, mimik has been appointed to the Technical Steering Committee, a group that sets the project’s development roadmap, manages governance rules, and establishes code management policies. In joining the committee and the project as a partner, mimik has demonstrated its dedication to the initiative and willingness to open-source its code in order to further industry development and adoption of cutting-edge software solutions. Within the LF Edge umbrella group, the open-source software project Open Horizon is a cornerstone project and serves as a foundation for the organization. Containerized workloads and machine learning assets can be managed by this platform at massive scale as a platform for managing the lifecycle of service software.

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