How To Change Device Name On Iphone?

No matter whether you want to quickly identify your Apple devices in your iCloud or when using Find My, or if you need to send or receive files quickly with AirDrop, you might look for a way to rename your device or several devices. We’ll walk you through the process in this article. Luckily, it’s not as hard as you may think.

You will also be able to manage your devices more conveniently with the new names since your new device name will be synchronized with iCloud. Additionally, if you turn your device into a WiFi hotspot, your device name will show up when scanning WiFi networks nearby, so choose something memorable.

You’ll learn how to change the device name on iPhone? With a few taps, you can change the name of your iPhone to make it easier to find in your iCloud device list.

How To Change Device Name On iPhone?

You don’t have to stick with your existing name, no matter what the reason may be. It can be changed to something more specific and more personalized. Changing the name of your iPhone or iPad can be done via iTunes or through the device itself. Your Apple Watch can be renamed using the Watch app on your iPhone. Here are the steps to rename your Apple gadget.

1. You can open the Settings app by tapping on the Settings icon.

2. On the left-hand side of the screen, tap on General.

3. You can reach the About page by tapping on the About tab.

4. The name will appear as soon as you tap the name line.

5. The keyboard is the easiest way to edit your name.

6. Once you have finished making your changes, you can tap Done to save them.

Now you know how to rename your iPhone! Using iCloud or the Find My app, you will see the label you entered when connecting to your computer or trying to locate your iPhone. So, you won’t be confused when identifying which device is yours, which belongs to another family member, and which old unused devices to delete from your account. In addition, changing your iPhone name is easy; just follow these steps to rename and name your device whenever you like.

Using iTunes on a PC to change device name on iPhone

Apple has made it very easy for you to change the name of your iPhone or iPad via iTunes. Connect your device to your computer and launch iTunes on your computer, in order to do this in Windows. Upon launching iTunes on your computer, click on the icon of the device you wish to connect.

Upon launching your device, a summary screen should appear with the device name at the top. Tap the name to reveal it. Following that, you will see the name highlighted along with a text cursor. By deleting the existing name and typing a new one, you are now able to modify the existing name. Press Enter to finalize the process.

What Is the Purpose of Changing Your iPhone’s device Name?

Changing your iPhone’s name is not only about security, but it is also about achieving cohesion and productivity within your company. In order to understand why you might want to change your device’s name in more detail, here are a few reasons:

1. Keeping your identity safe

There is no doubt in my mind that anyone can see the name of your iPhone. Any nearby person attempting to connect to a Wi-Fi network will see that it is listed as a personal hotspot on his or her list of discovered networks. By having AirDrop sharing available for everyone, nearby users can see your name when they share a file or check to see who’s nearby if they choose to share a file or see who’s nearby.

It can be seen by hackers if they map devices on the same network at the same time. You can be identified by your system administrator when they scan your network for bandwidth hogs. If you do a quick Bluetooth scan you will be able to see your device name displayed.

Your iPhone will likely be called “[YourName]’s iPhone [Version]”, such as “Nelson’s iPhone 11 Pro.” That makes it easy to identify your phone, and it helps people nearby determine what type of phone you have.

If you pick something completely random, you will be more anonymous. Despite the risks of hackers and sysadmins seeing your iPhone’s MAC address or tracking your online activity, at least you’ve made it harder for them to identify you.

2. Improve Your Device Management

The way to do it would be to go into each Apple device you have and choose a unique name for each. But if you’ve got several devices that have similar or identical names, it’s a good idea to change the names one by one. Doing this can help you distinguish certain devices from each other. You would need to know this information when tracking a stolen or lost device in Find My, knowing what credit and debit cards are connected to what device via Apple Pay, and knowing which device is connected using a USB cable to your Mac.

3. Locate Your Backups With Ease

Furthermore, you should be aware that the more devices you have, the more complicated it will be to manage them. If you are using the same iCloud account or Mac to back up your essential information across all of your devices, then accessing these backups can be a challenge if the account is similarly named.

In addition to naming your devices differently, you can more easily locate the right backup that you need by using the unique names. It’s also important to note that if you have backups from old devices, they might all have identical names, so if you want to delete anything to free up space, it would be good to distinguish between new and out-of-date backups.

4. Easily share files between devices

Want to share a document, photograph, or another piece of information between your iPhone and MacBook or your iMac and iPad? It is possible that when you use AirDrop when all of your devices have the same name, you may notice that similar options appear. When you have different names for different things, you will make life a lot easier for yourself.

5. Having a custom name is just more fun

It might be fun and interesting to change your name for no other reason than to have more fun. The name of your iPhone is pretty boring, so give it something unique to help make it stand out (if that’s your thing).