House Of Hammer Release Date: Latest Update

House Of Hammer Release Date
Are you looking for updates on the release date of House Of Hammer? House of Hammer is one of the most talked about web series released this year. The web series talks about the allegations that have been put against the hammer family. This series will allow us to hear the allegations of the hammer family straight from the victims, and also, we will know the story from the side of the hammer. This exciting story has already created enough buzz among the audience that they can’t stop themselves from searching about it.
Read this blog full to know about the release date, cast, and storyline of House Of Hammer.

What is The Story of House of Hammer?

The upcoming web series is related to grave allegations that have been put against Armie Hammer. Armie Hammer was previously accused of emotional and sexual assault. House of Hammer will discuss the same. The series will also cover the topic of Armie Hammer practising cannibalism. The series will not only help us learn about the sad story of Armie Hammer but will also show the family of Armie Hammer. The show, released in 2022, will reveal many dark series related to the Hammer family. Follow this space because we have discussed the release date and cast of House of Hammer.

When Will House of Hammer Be Released?

This documentary, related to Armie Hammer’s life, is one of the most talked about web series of 2022. The series has got everything that a blockbuster documentary needs to have. It is said that this series will be a roller coaster ride for the watchers. Regarding its release date, House of Hammer will be released on 2 September 2022. And the web series will be streaming on Discovery plus platform that is available on every smart tv, android and IOS system. A series that is based on the life of Armie Hammer will talk about every controversy that is related to him.
House Of Hammer Release Date

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What is The Cast of House of Hammer?

The House of Hammer will focus on covering the dark and deep secrets of Annie Harmer, directed by Julian P. Hobbs and Elli Hakami. And the web series will be released only in English. It will also cover the rehabilitation part of the life of Annie Harmer. The web series that will be released on 2 September 2022 will feature three significant actors, and they are:
JR Long,
Julia Morrison,
Casey Hammer.
This fantastic star cast is enough to excite the watchers about this upcoming web series. How excited are you? Do let us know below.


This blog discusses everything a reader should know about the House of Honour. At first, we started with an introduction to this series, and then we talked about the storyline of this series. Also, the cast and release date of House of Hammer has been discussed in this blog.
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