Latest Updates of Hercai Season: Hercai Cast

Herkai Season: Herkai Cast
Herkai Season: Herkai Cast
Herkai Season: Herkai Cast

Everything You Need to Know about Hercai Cast & Hercai Seasons

Hercai which means “inconstant love” is a Turkish romantic television sequence. Hercai Cast includes Akın Akınözü and Ebru Şahin, Gülçin Santırcıoğlu,by the side of Serhat Tutumluer along with Oya Unustası and Ahmet Tansu Taşanlar. 1st Hercai Season was forecasted on ATV on March 15, 2019.

ATV Cooperation sold the rights to broadcast the series in numerous international trades, including most of the Latin American and the United States, through Telemundo, which was published on June 22, 2021.

The Hercai Cast and their Characters – 

Akin Akinözü as Miran Hercai:

Aslanbey is the only son of the family who will continue his family’s legacy throughout the series as Miran Aslanbey. He is a coldhearted, aloof, but also powerful and bright man who was brought up by his grandmom Azize Aslanbey with stories of vengeance.

Ebru Sahin as Hercai Reyyan Şadoğlu:

She is the eldest and an intelligent daughter of Hazar and Zehra Shadoğlu, and she plays the role of Reyyan. Her character is a guiltless, pure and virtuous girl. She is whole-heartedly connected to her family and everybody that lives with her. However, she never felt loved by her grandfather Nasuh Shadoglu the way she felt by her mother and brother.

Macit Sonkan as Nasuh Shadoglu:

His character is the most significant and integral commander of the household. His comment is a declaration. What he determines, what he says, is never reckoned, is taken to be unquestioned, and never resisted.

Ayda Aksel as Azize Aslanbey:

Her character is the most senior of the Aslanbey household. Azize is an inhumane lady who suffered a lot and concealed her husband, three sons, and two daughters-in-law, whose soul is hidden by hostility. Twenty-seven years ago, she promised retaliation.

Serhat Tutumluer as Hazar Şadoğlu:

His character is the eldest son of the Shadoglu family, Hazar, the right-hand of his dad, Nasuh. His determination comes after his father and secures all. He is a genuine, hardworking, trustful, adored, esteemed, innocent man.

Gulchin Santircıoğlu as Sultan Aslanbey:

Her character is the only surviving daughter-in-law of the Aslanbey household, and she is the mother of Gonul Sultan. sHe came from frivolity and became a noblewoman in the villa. After Aziz, her biggest dream is to take over the Aslanbey family.

Tansu Taşanlar as the Azat Şadoğlu:

His character is the son of Cihan and Handan. Shadoglu is the only one who restarts his line. All his life, he did as he was told and was disdainful. No matter what was asked of him, your listeners never opposed, nor did he stand against his household and what they acknowledged in.

Oya Flourmaster as Gonul Aslanbey:

Her character is one of the two daughters of the Aslanbey family; she is the sole offspring of a sultan and a vahita. Gonul is a gorgeous and enraged youthful girl. She always bravely deals with her emotions. Her only dream is to be passionately loved; she wants to be loved the way she adores it.

Serdar Ozer as Cihan Şadoğlu:

His character is the youngest son of Nasuh Shadoglu. He is trusted in the race with his brother Caspian. He was always trying to prove himself. A man as respected as the Caspian he listened to wants to be his father’s most trusted son, but he can’t.

Ilay Erkök as Yaren Şadoğlu:

Her character is the daughter of Cihan and Handan Yaren Şadoğlu. Her uncomplicated magnificence draws engagement with a smiley look, but these smiles and attractiveness are just a disguise for a malicious spirit. Yaren has a spoiled and jealous heart, especially against Reyyan.

Feride Cetin as Zehra Şadoğlu:

Her character is the wife and mother of Reyyan and Gul. Zehra is secured by great passion and commitment to her hubby and youngsters. Although she is a temperate person, the lion is cut off when she discerns a menace to her children. She is a dedicated mother and a faithful wife committed to the satisfaction of her daughters and husband.

Cahit Gök as Firat Demiralp:

His character grew up in Aslanbey Mansion. He was Miran’s only companion in this life, and they were raised as brothers with Miran in Kars. Miran is all that occurred to the Euphrates; Aziz has never seen the Euphrates except his grandson.

 “Hercai” Season 1 – 

Reyyan is the granddaughter of Nasuh Şadoğlu, the patriarch of the famous Şadoğlu family in the city of Midyat. 

However, she never felt treasured by anyone in her family except her daddy Hazar, mommy Zehra and younger sister Gül.

 Her grandfather maltreated Reyyan since preadolescence because she is not his corporal granddaughter, and the only explanation he tolerated in the family was because his son Hazar requested him.

One fine morning, Reyyan runs out on horseback to observe the dawn. On the way back, her horse is nearly hit by a car. Reyyan falls and fails consciousness. 

The motorist of the vehicle, a good-looking immature man called Miran, instantly takes curiousness in her and suggests taking her back home.

Yaren, who was the daughter of Hazar’s brother Cihan is in love with Miran. When Miran falls in love with her cousin, Yaren promises retaliation against Reyyan for thieving Miran from her and destroying her life.

Finally, Miran and Reyyan got wedded. However, Miran leaves Reyyan after their first night as husband and wife, driving baritone sentiments of treachery and aversion in Reyyan.

 She vows never to let him forget what he did to her. Reyyan soon realizes that everything Miran has told her about himself is untruth: his name, origin, family and marriage.

Miran was brought up by his grandmother, Azize Aslanbey, who told him from an early age that he must take revenge for the assault and killing of his parents and present the name and honour of his household once more. 

However, his sentiments against Reyyan were authentic and unfiltered, and his measures were accomplished against his will beneath his grandmother’s recommendation.

 As a consequence of all this, Mirran works to come to terms with what Reyyan accomplished.

“Hercai” Season 2 –

 Over time, mysteries are demonstrated as Reyyan and Miran labour with their sentiments for each other. Reyyan is in love with Miran but persuades herself that she despises and hates him, while Miran toils with intense guilt for what he did to the one person he tended about.

 Meanwhile, Azize also struggles to preserve authority over her daughter-in-law Sultana and her granddaughter Elif – who was abused and left as an orphan child and raised by Azize – and she starts to pull her hold as the brutal matron of the Aslanbey home.

Even if he kept aside all his hatred for the Şadoğlu family, Miran worked hard to retrieve Reyyan’s trust. It takes Reyyan a long time, but he realizes he cannot live without Miran. 

She ends up marrying him, especially without her family’s approval. He also believes that this will end the hatred between their two families. 

However, the animosity between the Şadoğlu and Aslanbey families only grows more muscular, and Miran is ripped between his dedication to his grandmother and his wish to be an excellent groom to Reyyan.

 After much convincing from Reyyan, Miran decides to explore the reality of his parents’ ends himself rather than blindly thinking about the interpretation Azize gave him.

 On their course to reach Istanbul, they see another indication that shows that Miran’s mom was never ravished and find that Azize bribed the authority to fib in her statement that she had been ravished before her demise.

 Miran breaks down and begins questioning everything he’s been told about his parents’ deaths. Angered that Miran has learned the truth, Azize starts following Miran and Reyyan to make sure any new leads they find turn out to be dead ends.

 When confronted, Miran claims that although his mother was never raped, she was indeed murdered by Hazara. She slowly recovers the trust of Miran, who believes her to be ashamed. 

Meanwhile, Reyyan knows Azize is still lying to Miran and grows increasingly discouraged by her incapability to sever Miran’s relationship with his grandmother.

 “Hercai” Season 3 – 

When Miran understands the reality, Hazar tries to create an association with his son, but Miran is not inquisitive. Later, Miran recreates the remains of the video he brought from his mother’s enclosure. 

In it, she tells her girlfriend that she is pregnant with Hazar’s child; she wishes it was a boy and plans to name him Miran. Any doubts Miran had about Hazar being his birth father disappeared. 

Meanwhile, Reyyan comes face to face with her birth father and accepts his one request – to let him hug her. Seeing him forgiving his father, Miran turns to Hazar and takes him as his father.

Nasuh begins to look for the reasons for Azize’s intense hatred of the family. He finds out that her real name is Ayşe, his first love. He confronts her and asks her why she hates his family. Azize shares their past, including the child they had together and their plans to get married. 

However, one day, Azize woke up to find her house engulfed in flames and passed out from smoke inhalation. When she woke up a few days later, Nasuh’s mother informed Aziz that her entire family, including their child, had died in the fire. Nasuh’s mother tells Aziza that Nasuh has remarried and blames her for their child’s death.

 Azize feels betrayed and decides to take revenge. Her initial plan was to avenge Hazar by taking away his daughter. However, after Mehmet slaughtered himself, her hatred amplified, and she hatched a plan for vengeance using Miran. 

Nasuh is surprised and explains to Azize that his mother told him that Azize died in a fire, and that’s why he remarried. Nasuh also tells Aziz that their child never died, but it is the same Hazar whose life he is trying to destroy.

To show how sorry she is for her wickedness, Azize reveals that Mirana’s mother, Dilşah, is alive. Dilşah, who has been shut off from truth for so long, is mentally attempting to adjust to her new life.

 However, Miran is happy to be reunited with his mother. Meanwhile, Reyyan, seeing Azize’s situation and understanding the origin of her hostility towards Hazar and Miran, persuades Miran to pardon Azize.

Reyyan, now expectant, is told by her doctor that she will not endure the birth of her child, so she hopes for Miran to have his whole household by her side should she die during childbirth. 

While Miran tries to come to phrases with the potential of losing Reyyan, Hazar is still in surprise after learning that Azize is his mother.

When Reyyan offers delivery, she falls into a coma. Meanwhile, Hazar is killed. Miran is wracked with sorrow over the loss of his father and the potential of losing Reyyan, so he cannot discover any pleasure in the delivery of his son. 

Reyyan eventually wakes up from her coma and is devastated to learn of Hazar’s death. 

After being unleashed from the clinic, Miran and Reyyan move into a small house with their offspring and grieve together. The series ends with the families moving on from their histories and the vendetta finally ending.


Where to watch Hercai?

Hercai series is currently available on Spectrum TV, Oxygen, Peacock TV, Fox Sports and CNN.

What are the total Seasons and Hercai Episodes ?

There is a total of three seasons of Hercai released till now and available on various media platforms. There are a total of 69 episodes of Hercai.

Will we get a Hercai Season 4?

Unfortunately, the series has been cancelled after three superb seasons because of some publishing issues. So fans of Hercai won’t get any more bites of the series.

Is there any availability of Hercai Netflix?

Hercai is currently unavailable on Netflix.


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