Hell Fest 2 Release Date: Is the Slasher Movie getting a Renewal?

Hell Fest 2 Release Date

Hell Fest is a movie that has only a particular type of audience fans. Despite not being very popular, fans love the original film, and have become a staple in the Slasher genre. The movie contains all the cliches attributed to the slasher genre, like tripping over imaginary objects, the killer strolling, and much more. This makes it an endearing movie to the fans who now and again asked about the Hell Fest 2 Release Date. We have the answer to that in this article. So keep reading on.


Gregory Plotkin’s Hell Fest is a 2018 American slasher film. The movie focuses on a teen group being stalked by a serial killer while visiting a traveling Halloween carnival. 

CBS Films and Lionsgate released Hell Fest on September 28, 2018. It made $18.2 million at the box office on a $5.5 million budget and received mixed reviews from critics.

Release Date

The producers of Hell fest have given no official announcements regarding the release of Hellfest 2. Due to the Covid pandemic, the production may have been delayed, and we may expect a release date in 2023 or later.

Hell Fest held its first edition in September of 2018. The film received a negative response but did not fare well at the box office. On a $5.5 million production budget, the film grossed $18 million in the United States and Canada, for a total gross of $7.9 million.

Even though the profit exceeded the additional marketing costs, a sequel was not produced. However, the story is not yet complete. Therefore, there will most likely be a sequel to the slasher movie.

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There is no confirmation of the plot of the second movie. However, we anticipate that the story will pick up where it ended in Hell Fest. Here is the plot of the first movie to get you into the mindset and imagine for yourself what the sequel may hold.

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead


The story starts with a masked man known as “The Other” hanging a woman’s corpse in the maze to blend in with the props at Hell Fest, a traveling horror theme park.

Natalie goes to the theme park on Halloween night with her best friend Brooke, Brooke’s friend Taylor, and Brooke’s roommate friend Gavin, who likes Natalie. Natalie and Brooke’s friendship has been strained due to their geographical separation and Natalie’s dislike for Taylor. When the girls arrive at the festival, they encounter a terrified woman trying to hide from the Other. Natalie points out her hiding spot, thinking it’s part of the park experience. The Other murders the woman right in front of Natalie. Natalie believes the murder was too real to be a typical attraction. The group dismisses her concerns until Brooke discovers the Other stealing Natalie and Gavin’s photographs from a photo booth.

The Other kills Gavin first, crushing his skull with a mallet while the others are gone. Natalie rides alone while the rest of her friends ride together. When the ride breaks down, she is approached by what appears to be the Other. However, this is all part of the ride, and the group discovers that park employees wear masks similar to the Other’s.

The Splitting up Cliche !

The group splits up, and The Other tracks Natalie down, but she manages to flee. When the Other stabs Asher in the eye, he dies. 

Taylor has volunteered to participate in an attraction where a guillotine will behead her in front of a live audience, Natalie, Brooke, and Quinn discover. When Natalie recognizes the Other’s boots on the executioner, park security prevents her from stopping the show. When The Other is left alone with Taylor after the show, he attempts to murder her. Taylor flees when the blade fails to cut through her neck, but the Other pursues her and kills her before killing Quinn.


The Other traps Natalie and Brooke in a maze as panic spreads throughout the park. The girls have been separated, and the Other has surrounded Brooke. Before the Other can kill Brooke, Natalie stabs him in the gut. Police storm into the maze to save them and apprehend the murderer. On the other hand, the Other has escaped and is driving to his suburban home. He keeps his mask and the pictures he stole of Natalie and Gavin in a cabinet with other masks and trophies from previous kills. The Other’s young daughter wakes up to greet her father, who gives her a park stuffed animal.

Hell Fest 2 Release DateCast

Amy Forsyth as Natalie

Reign Edwards as Brooke

Bex Taylor-Klaus as Taylor Ann Smythe

Christian James as Quinn

Matt Mercurio as Asher

Roby Attal as Gavin

Tony Todd as The Barker

Michael Tourek as Security Guard

Courtney Dietz as Britney

Elle Graham as The Other’s Daughter

Stephen Conroy as The Other

Daniel Wilson as creepy Park Owner


I hope this article on Hell Fest 2 Release Date was helpful. Stay tuned for more!



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