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GrayOrange robotics technology to be installed by Walmart Canada at new Fulfillment Center in Alberta

GreyOrange, the fulfilment platform leader, is part of Walmart Canada’s $118 million investment in a new fulfilment centre in Alberta, just outside of Calgary, known for its innovative robotics technology. The center, which is expected to open in September 2022, is an important part of Walmart’s strategy to expand, revolutionise, and transform its best-in-class supply chain network while increasing its e-commerce capabilities to better serve Walmart customers.

Walmart Canada is making a $3.5 billion investment in the Alberta Centre as part of a broader effort to make online and in-store shopping easier for Canadians. Customers in Western Canada will be served by the 430,000-square-foot facility, which will act as a distribution center. GreyOrange’s technology is the first of its kind at Walmart Canada and will help with faster service and inventory availability online and in-store. In order to expedite orders, GreyOrange’s operating system will assist associates in storing, picking, and storing items by allowing for the processing of a greater and greater variety of inventory.

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Apurva Vadera, Retail Consulting Partner, GreyOrange, says that the GreyOrange omnichannel fulfilment platform will allow multiple types of robotic agents for goods-to-person picking and sortation. There are plans for the multi-floor solution to store and ship more than half a million SKUs and more than 20 million items annually. Just a few minutes of order fulfilment time will be saved thanks to real-time optimization and the use of multi-agent orchestration through the platform. “

As a result of the investment, Walmart hopes to provide nationwide two-day delivery for all of its customers. Additionally, this facility is capable of delivering more than 20 million items annually as well as having enough storage space to hold up to 500,000 items, all while optimising packaging and minimising waste.

Walmart’s Sam’s Club subsidiary implemented GreyOrange technology at its Perris, California, fulfilment center in October 2021.

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