Grand Army Season 2: What We Know

Grand Army Season 2
Grand Army Season 2

Since Oct. 16, 2020, Grand Army has been available on Netflix. However, the streaming giant hasn’t given a green signal for the next season yet, which has left fans wondering if the show will be returning at all.

Based on the play, namely Slut, by Katie Cappiello, who is the showrunner. The nine episodes of Grand Army have focused on politics, terrorism, pranks, family issues, culture clashes, sexual assault, drug problems, and other current teen issues. It’s already seen its fair share of controversy when three writers of color quit due to a tweet that Ming Pfeiffer called “racist exploitation and abuse” on the set. Although the series has ardent fans, the reaction to the show has often been mixed. While Netflix hasn’t said anything about the show’s ratings, it did find its spot in Netflix’s top 10 most-watched shows in October 2020 — but at 10th (Source: Newsweek). All this makes the possibility of the next season an option but not a certainty.

Unfortunately, things are not looking great. According to sources at Deadline, the series has been officially canceled by Netflix. In this era of multiple streaming platforms, this doesn’t necessarily spell the end, but it’s definitely not a good sign. Should another platform step up and revive the series for a second season, here’s where the series might be headed.

The Plot of Grand Army Season 2

Plenty of storylines remained unresolved at the end of Season 1, including the aftermath of Joey’s sexual assault. Fans should also find out more about Dom’s internship and his relationship with John (Romero), Sid’s Harvard journey and his relationship with Victor (Rosenstein) after being involuntarily outed, and whether Leila (Yoo), who sent an anonymous bomb threat to the school, may also see some consequences once that information gets out. Tim (Thelonious Serrell-Freed) may turn on George (Anthony Ippolito) and Luke (Brian Altimus) and report their actions to the police. Additionally, a second season will further investigate Jay’s silent protest at a recital will affect his future.

Johnson has speculated publicly (Source: Digital Spy) about a second season, saying that he likes that Grand Army portrays friendships with more nuance, not often seen on television. Preferably, all the characters will see that same growth as they move into the coming-of-age drama of high school in the Grand Army.

The Cast of Grand Army Season 2

As Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet, there’s no official cast list. Still, the five main characters of the first season cast have all expressed a wish to return.

The cast of the Grand Army includes Odessa A’zion playing the role of Joey Del Marco. He is the protagonist of the source material, Slut. Amir Bageria plays the role of Siddhartha Pakam, a gay Indian student on the swim team. Odley Jean plays the role of Dominique Pierre, a first-gen Haitian student. Maliq Johnson plays Jayson Jackson, a musical prodigy from Spanish Harlem. Rounding the main cast is Amalia Yoo, a Chinese teenager adopted by Jewish parents.

The actors now and again gave interviews and statements, clearly indicating that they believe in the importance of the show, and it would be shocking if any of them declined an offer to come back. You can also expect many of the supporting cast to return, as their stories haven’t essentially been completed. Ashley Granger, Alphonso Romero II, Jaden Jordan, August Blanco Rosenstein, and Zac Kara are among these cast members.

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