Fire Force Season 3: Release Date, Plot and Cast

Fire Force Season 3
Fire Force Season 3
Fire Force Season 3

Anime is flourishing today because of the genre’s wealth of intriguing and amazingly animated series accessible. However, we’d be delinquent if we neglected to specify “Fire Force,” whose unique twist on a group of firemen and the idea of spontaneous combustion has moved the series to its much-deserved fame.

The series is based on the manga from “Soul Eater” maker Atsushi Ōkubo, which has to do with Shinra Kusakabe, a third-age pyrokinetic who can ignite his feet. Shinra gets together with one more group of pyrokinetics known as Special Fire Force Company 8 to manage Infernals, who are humans changed into living blazes through spontaneous combustion.

“Fire Force’s” second season ended in December 2020. It became one of the main five most-watched anime TV programs on Amazon Prime Japan (Via Anime News Network). Fans are waiting for one more season of the hit series, so here’s all the data we have about Season 3 of “Fire Force.”

Release Date

An official release date or affirmation of Season 3 for “Fire Force” hasn’t been uncovered at this point. However, with the show’s prevalence converting into vast manga sales, there’s motivation to release one more season of the series, and confirmation could come soon. The Official “Fire Force” Anime Twitter posted that by late April, sales of the manga had surpassed 15 million copies. With that much sales, the show is popular enough to the point of justifying season 3.

Fire Force Season 3

Atsushi Ōkubo declared that the manga ought to end soon, which could halt the creation of another anime season. In a meeting with Monsters and Critics, Okubo expressed that it could change, and he expects the manga to end around volume 30. Moreover, as Anime News Network detailed, in the 23rd volume of the manga, Okubo said that the story was in its last section and that “Fire Force” would be his final manga. With 28 volumes of the manga released up until this point, there could be a slight postponement to decide precisely when it will end. While a late 2022 delivery for Season 3 is conceivable, it appears to be more likely that the release would likely happen at some point in 2023.

The Cast of Season 3

An official rundown of who’s in the cast for “Fire Force” Season 3 is not entirely settled. Given the consistency behind the scenes of the initial two seasons of the series, it’s reasonable we could see a generally returning cast. The major additions to the cast were a couple of new characters, like Ogun Montgomery, voiced by Makoto Furukawa (Japanese), Scop, voiced by Kentaro Ito (Japanese), Zeno Robinson (English), and Tyler Walker (English). We definitely ought to see a returning voice cast that incorporates Derick Snow (English) as Shinra Gakuto Kajiwara (Japanese) (Via Anime News Network).

Similarly, with the initial two seasons, the same studio, David Production, should return to animate Season 3. Tatsuma Minamikawa replaced Yuki Yase to coordinate Season 2 of “Fire Force.” Unless, in any case, expressed, it’s logical that Minamikawa will return as director for season 3, alongside Kenichiro Suehiro as a composer and Kazuhiro Miwa as chief animator.

Fire Force Season 3
Fire Force Season 3

The Plot of Season 3

We have no essential plot details for “Fire Force” Season 3 yet. The anime has generally followed the manga, so we can almost certainly think about what Season 3 will involve for Shinra. Volumes 1 to some chapters of 11 of the manga were covered via Season 1 of the anime, while Season 2 covered the remainder of volume 11 up to certain sections of volume 20. If the manga is genuinely in its last point in the story, Season 3 could adjust volume 20 up to its expected end, except if the anime series goes into filler region like “Naruto” or “Bleach.”

The Season 2 finale appeared to show a significantly greater future battle between Company 8 and the Evangelists. Wanting to become immensely more strong to manage the Company’s increasingly dangerous foes, Shinra was pushed in his preparation to arrive at a new point called “The Press Of Death.” Meanwhile, the season finale managed a gigantic disaster for the legends because of the death of Company 4’s Captain Hague. However, on account of his new level of ability, Shinra can lay out an Adolla Link, permitting him to see Hague’s last minutes. Season 3 will probably follow these occasions as Company 8 gets together with the Tokyo Empire to take on the Evangelist’s strong powers.

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