Elton John Reveals Release Date for Duet Featuring Britney Spears

Elton John Reveals Release Date for Duet Featuring Britney Spears

 Elton John Reveals Release Date for “Hold me close, tiny dancer”: Fans highly anticipate the collaboration between Elton John and Britney Spears‘ new duet. The internet has been buzzing with this, and both Britney and Elton fans are looking for info on their new song.

Britney Spears and Elton John have recorded a duet together. The cute part is that they are doing it with their flashback photos. 

The duet we eagerly await will be Britney’s first single since “Slumber Party” in 2016. Britney met the love of her life and her current husband, Sam Asghari, on the set of that music video. The duet with Elton John will also mark Spears’ first song since she departed from conservatorship in November 2021.

The news of Elton and Britney’s duet became public in July this year. Elton and Spears recorded this song earlier this year if the rumours are being believed.

Recently, the 75-year-old music legend Elton John revealed to the ecstatic fans the release date of his due with the Princess of Pop titled “Hold Me Closer.” This song covers Elton John’s hit classic “Tiny Dancer,” which was released in 1971. The name of this cover song came from the chorus line, “Hold me close, tiny dancer.”

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Elton John captioned the Instagram post that revealed the cover art of the duet as

“August 26 #HoldMeCloser” 

The caption also included a red rose and a spaceship emoji. The two artists are depicted as children on the cover art. Many fans believe this to be some sort of cryptic message. However, in my opinion, it’s just a flashback of memories going back to the time of the original song in 1971. 

Britney also tweeted after the announcement of the duet. She wrote:

“Tiny Dancer #EltonAlways @eltonofficial.”

Elton John Reveals Release Date for Duet Featuring Britney Spears

Cover Art for the Duet

The cover art for the duet was tricky for fans to understand. As mentioned above, fans thought it was a cryptic message. Anyway, we will leave it to the imagination of the fans to decipher this meaning.

Returning to the legends, both revealed the cover art for “Hold Me Closer,” which is expected to launch on August 26. 

The covert art includes pictures of Britney and John as children. In these pictures, The Princess of pop is dressed as a little girl wearing a pink dance costume. The Rocket Man, Elton John, is smiling at the camera as he shows off his piano skills at a young age.

Britney is wearing a ball gown which consists of a two-tone pink dress. The dress has ruffles and feathers, and she is wearing white tights. The legend Elton John, as prominent as ever, is wearing a dark blazer and shorts and is sitting at a piano.

The second image in the slideshow is of the two of them at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards launch party on February 24, 2013, in West Hollywood, California.

Song made for the Duo!

 AJ McLean of the boy band revealed in a 2020 Instagram video that they had recorded the song in 2017. The song was initially made for the Backstreet Boys’ latest album, “DNA.”Due to reasons unknown, the Backstreet Boys declined. According to AJ, Britney heard the song and decided to record it herself. However, she kept the vocals of the Backstreet Boys.

Now, that’s what’s called ” Made for Someone.”

Spears’ Music History

Britney Spears has had a stint of bad years. With the divorce from her ex-husband, Kevin and her mistreatment allegations, Britney has suffered enough. Britney hasn’t released an album in six years. In 2020, she released a deluxe edition of the 2016 album ” Glory”, which included a song titled “Play”. It was a collaboration between Spears and the Backstreet Boys.

Paris Hilton Reaction

Paris Hilton, one of Spears’ friends, said the upcoming song is “going to be iconic”. She said this during an interview with Paul Barewijk for his show, Paul Voor Je Neus. 

Fans have been anxious for new Britney Spears’ music and were ecstatic when she shared videos of herself singing in recent months. 


I hope you enjoyed the info regarding the new duet by Britney Spears and Elton John. Stay connected for more!


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