Disney frozen controversy: Frozen was chosen by Disney as a diversion

Disney Frozen Controversy

Disney frozen controversy: It is safe to say that most people have heard some variation of the claim that Walt Disney’s body was frozen after his death. Although some believe it was only his head, others insist it was his entire body. I didn’t realize until later that this wasn’t true, which now sounds naïve. Nevertheless, we are all aware that Walt Disney is said to be in a freezer someplace, awaiting the development of a technology that would “bring him back to life.”

The claim first surfaced shortly after Walt Disney died in December 1996 from lung cancer. Only a few weeks after Disney’s demise, a reporter claimed to have broken into the storage area of the hospital where Disney died and discovered Disney’s remains inside a frozen metal cylinder. Nothing substantiates this claim’s veracity—not a photo or shred of evidence.

The story gained momentum when newspapers worldwide read the reporter’s assertion and reported it as truth. Disney’s well-known preoccupation with cutting-edge technology, which has the potential to improve the world, didn’t precisely assist his cause, though.

The distinction between fact and hearsay

Disney frozen controversy: The distinction between fact and hearsay has become increasingly hazy over the years. Somewhere down the way, believers pointed out that the first guy froze just so happened to be in the same city where Disney is purportedly buried and was frozen a month barely after Disney’s death.

This demonstrated that the technology existed simultaneously and in the exact location. Additionally, Bob Nelson, a former leader of the Cryonics Society of California in Los Angeles, said that Disney had contacted and inquired in-depth about being frozen at the start of his illness.

Disney Frozen Controversy

The National Spotlite tabloid, for which the reporter is purported to have worked, has not been located in any significant newspaper archives. This raises the possibility that neither the tabloid nor the reporter existed, returning us to the idea that the notion was a rumour.

Aside from Nelson’s statements, which can’t be shown as anything other than allegations, there is nothing else in Disney’s writing that would suggest he understood anything about cryonics. Even Disney’s family members, some of whom took offence, disagreed that Disney was frozen.

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The final issue

Disney frozen controversy: The fact that there is no proof or indication that any of the legendary figure’s bones are on his family plot at the cemetery where his ashes are supposed to be interred raises the possibility that they may not be where they were supposed to be, which is the final issue that has people scratching their heads.

The inscription on his daughter’s plate, “ashes spread in heaven,” suggests that her ashes were dispersed. Surely the person who founded the most extensive media company in the world would get their nameplate on their family plot?

2019 saw the emergence of a new hypothesis based on the alleged freezing of Walt Disney’s body. The idea that the movie “Frozen” was only a distraction for Disney fans may have previously circulated online. Although this seems ridiculous, the idea behind it is intriguing.

Disney frozen controversy: Google searches for “Disney Frozen” only provide results for the film. Search engines won’t turn up information regarding Disney’s frozen body because of the movie’s title. Instead, “Frozen” by Disney is the subject of every article. Indeed, the film appears more frequently than anything else when you Google the term alone.

An intriguing argument was also raised by The New York Post. Like many Disney films, this one follows a classic fairy tale in broad strokes. The original author, Hans Christian Anderson, may have been given credit, and the title “The Snow Queen” could have remained intact. Disney, however, wished to personalize it by adopting their title, or was that the motivation?


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