Demon Slayer Season 4 Release Date: A New Revival in Progress?

Demon Slayer Season 4 Release Date

Demon Slayer is probably one of the best anime shows ever. The show has a massive fanbase, and that too for a good reason. The story is epic, with the characters bringing life and vigor to it. The pace is excellent, and the fighting scenes are majestic. There is nothing to dislike about the series. The previous seasons of Demon Slayer got an overwhelmingly positive response. Fans are now anxious for info about Demon Slayer Season 4 Release Date. So, gear up as you absorb all our information regarding Demon Slayer Season 4 Release Date. 


Koyoharu Gotouge’s Demon Slayer is a Japanese manga series he wrote and illustrated. It follows Tanjiro Kamado, a teen who aspires to be a demon slayer after his family gets murdered and his younger sister, Nezuko, transforms into a demon. Demon Slayer premiered in English by Viz Media and in Japanese by Shueisha simultaneously on their Manga Plus platform.

The setting of the Demon Slayer is in Taish-era Japan, where a secret society known as the Demon Slayer Corps has been fighting demons for centuries. The demons are former humans who get transformed. The perpetrator is Muzan Kibutsuji, who injects them with his blood. They feed on humans while possessing supernatural abilities such as super strength, powers known as “Blood Demon Art,” and regeneration. 

Demons can only die by cutting off their heads with weapons made of the Nichirin alloy, injected with wisteria flower poison, or exposed to sunlight. The Demon Slayers are completely human; however, they use special elemental breathing techniques known as “Breathing Styles,” which give them superhuman strength and resistance. This aids them in their battle against demons. The Hashira are the most potent Demon Slayers.

Release Date

Neither the release date nor the existence of the fourth season of Demon Slayer had been formally confirmed by Shueisha, Aniplex, Ufotable, or any other entity involved in the anime’s development as of the most recent update.

The third season of the anime based itself on the Swordsmith Village Arc. If the anime gets renewed for a fourth season, we expect it to have the title “Demon Slayer: Infinity Castle Arc.” 

Which Chapters of the Manga will Season 4 Adopt?

Because the third season of Demon Slayer isn’t announced, it is difficult to predict which chapters will be in Season 4. The initial three episodes of Season 4 of Demon Slayer are likely to be from the nine-chapter Hashira Training Arc. They will adjust a short section of the Manga for the first three seasons.

Furthermore, the creators will adapt more manga chapters than they did in the previous two seasons, which is why the anime’s fourth season may launch in two parts. Each course may contain 10-13 episodes. Without a doubt, Haruo Sotozaki directed the first two seasons and will return for the next two.

The conclusion of manga chapters will impact how anime production happens. If you haven’t heard yet, Demon Slayer Chapter 205 is Manga’s final chapter. Fans will always wonder why Manga ended so soon after it had reached its peak popularity.

Demon Slayer Season 4 Release DateCast

Because there is no official information, we cannot accurately predict the fourth season’s cast. This is just a speculative cast and not an official list.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki

Amane Ubuyashiki 

Nichika Ubuyashiki

Giyo Tomioka 

Shinobu Kocho

Muichiro Tokito

Tengen Uzui

Jigoro Kuwajima

Tanjiro Kamado 

Other than these characters, we expect many more to join the Demon Slayer Season 4 cast.


Demon Slayer Season 4 has no trailer as of yet. This is because the fourth season’s release date is not yet confirmed. We anticipate that the trailer will launch about a month before the actual premiere of Demon Slayer Season 4. Till then, we recommend you watch the trailer of the previous seasons to get hyped about the upcoming one.

I hope this article on Demon Slayer Season 4 Release Date was helpful. Stay tuned for more!

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