Dell Introduces a New Monitor that Uses IPS Black Technology


Over the past few years, in-plane switching (IPS) panels have become the standard choice for anyone concerned with image quality. Alternatives such as Twisted Nematic (TN) and Vertical Alignment (VA) panels are available. However, neither of these panels can compete with IPS when it comes to colour reproduction and off-axis viewing angle. In addition, IPS panels have higher contrast than TN panels. IPS is not without flaws, however, and when viewed from the side, it can appear to “glow.” They also have less contrast than VA panels. Furthermore, OLED monitors are finally making their way into the PC world, and nothing can compete with their “perfect” blacks. However, there is a new type of panel technology, which is referred to as IPS Black. It’s made by LG Display, but it’ll be found in two new Dell monitors. It seeks to strengthen IPS’s advantages while also fending off competition from OLED and mini-LED displays.

IPS black, as its name implies, has a darker black, resulting in better contrast. While almost every IPS panel on the market has a contrast ratio of 1000:1, IPS Black increases it to 2,000:1 with a single layer. Dell claims that this will result in 35% darker blacks. The 27-inch U2723QE is priced at $780, while the 31.5-inch U3223QE is priced at $1,150. Both monitors feature 4K resolution. The specifications of the two displays are very similar. Because these monitors are geared toward productivity, they are only capable of 60Hz refresh rates. They have an HDR400 rating, which is not unusual for an IPS panel. Even so, they’ve got an average brightness level of 400 nits. But the 98 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 RGB color space makes them superior to most IPS panels.

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LG first unveiled this technology last year, but has yet to release any monitors based on the technology. For some reason, LG’s version has a Nano IPS panel, while Dell’s monitor is more traditional. The LED backlight of LG’s Nano IPS technology is coated with a layer of nano particles that allows it to absorb more light, making it more efficient. As a result of this, it is able to produce more colours. Notable is the fact that both Nano IPS and IPS Black monitors have DCI-P3 coverage levels of 98 percent or greater.

Generally speaking, I’m intrigued by this new technology. However, despite the fact that these Dell monitors aren’t cheap, LED panels are still less expensive to produce than OLED. You may, however, be interested in the new Alienware OLED gaming monitor, which is less expensive than the previous generation. The Dell monitor is aimed at the remote worker because it is essentially a USB-C hub. They’re also in different markets. Daisy-chaining two external displays for your laptop is now possible with this adapter. The future of gaming monitors is bright, so we’re still holding out hope. Since Dell owns Alienware, it’s possible that the two companies could share some displays.

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