Clermont Twins: Before and After

Clermont Twins: Before and After
Clermont Twins: Before and After
Clermont Twins: Before and After

Who Are the Clermont Twins?

The Clermont twins are aspiring fashionistas who have cut out a name for themselves in Hollywood. The twins moved from Georgia to New York to live with their fashion designer auntie on their mission to be great.

“It was our auntie who would bring us to design and fashion events in New York when we were quite young,” the sisters said in a meeting.

“We were interested in her ability to sew her own pieces of clothing.” The Clermont Twins are as close as twins could be to one another!

They are essentially consistently together and offer comparable character traits. In a meeting, they said, “We know how the other thinks.” By nature, we’re inseparably connected.”

Clermont Twins: Before and After

Clermont Twins Before and After

With 1.4 million followers on Instagram, the Clermont twins are former reality TV stars and full-time models. Shannon and Shannade Clermont have found various ways to guarantee their success in Hollywood as they continue looking for popularity.

We’ll investigate how they completely changed to become Instagram stars and bring in cash and notoriety! The Clermont Twins vanished from the public spotlight for a couple of months after season 14 of The Bad Girls Club, just to return with a totally new look.

They stunned their fans with their change, which included bleach-dyed skin, botox-plumped lips, and nose shaping surgeries.

Clermont Twins: Before and After

Audience Reaction to Clermont Twins Plastic Surgery

“The Clermont twins realized that the more medical procedures they get, the more consideration and attention they get. It’s deliberate and for money purposes,” said @thedosagebrand.

“I’m totally supportive of restorative, cosmetic surgery. However, I worry about The Clermont Twins, Aubrey O’Day, and other people who are simply CONSTANTLY transforming and changing their appearance. I believe they should feel like they’re sufficient because, in the end, it turns out badly,” added @officialtaygray.

“Can I just tell the truth? They’re gobbling up the bimbofication aesthetic. Keeping critical thought to the side, they’re working really hard, and I don’t think they want to look ‘normal'” or “natural,” said @thedigitaldash_.

Clermont Twins: Before and After

The Bad Girls Club

On the reality television show The Bad Gals Club, the Clermont twins were two of the sassiest young ladies. They were highlighted for showing up half-naked on the program and being sent off for damaging the house. The wild twins were exclusively on for seven episodes;

however, fans were at that point charmed! When they set up their joint Instagram account, it immediately developed to 15,000 followers. Shannade and her housemate Lauren got into a shouting match that advanced from hollering to punching and hair-pulling.

Being the top girls promptly helped them gain an internet fanbase; however, in episode 7, they went excessively far and destroyed the Bad Girls house, and they were kicked from the program.

Clermont Twins: Before and After

How Old Are the Clermont Twins Now?

The Clermont twins were brought into the world on March 21, 1994, to immigrant parents in Montclair, New Jersey, in the United States. They are, as of now, 28 years of age. The twins seek to be well known, and on their way there, they migrated from Georgia to live with their fashion designer auntie in New York.

They admire their auntie as a role model since she was the person who previously introduced them to fashion. She used to take them to design shows in New York when they were little, and she used to make her own garments, which charmed the young twins.

Clermont Twins’ Net Worth

Although none of the sources have given a precise figure, their total assets are between $1 million and $5 million. They make most of their cash by showing up on reality television shows and social media influencing.

In any case, insights regarding their different sources of income and assets are not yet uncovered. We will keep you refreshed when we get the official affirmation.


1. Did the Clermont twins go to the reunion?

Clermont twins were not allowed for the reunion, as per their Twitter post.

2. What ethnicity are the Clermont twins?

They are Indian, Jamaican, Haitian, and Chinese.

3. How long was one of the Clermont twins in jail?

Shannade Clermont was serving a one-year sentence in federal prison.

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