Cheer Season 3 Release Date Plot, Cast, Trailer


Cheer Season 3: Cheer is an American sports television series that premiered on Netflix in January 2020. The series consists of six parts and follows the nationally ranked forty-member Navarro College Bulldogs Cheer Team from Corsicana, Texas, as they prepare to compete in the National Cheerleading Championship, which is held each year in Daytona Beach, Florida. The episodes focus on five individual Cheer Team members and contain elements of cheerleading history, like the foundation of the National Cheerleaders Association. 

Cheer Season 3 Release Date

Cheer’s third season is rumoured to be in the works, as the show’s creator, Greg Whitely, has been filming at Navarro College for several years. If this is accurate, the third instalment will be released in January 2023, following its predecessors’ footsteps; nonetheless, fans may expect an earlier release.

This is a hunch, as the show has yet to be renewed for a second season. However, we are hoping that there will be more in store for the fans.

Cheer’s previous seasons are now available on Netflix, the world’s largest streaming service. There are already 15 episodes from the last two seasons, and it is unknown whether season three will have 6 or 8 episodes. We will keep you up to date with additional information on Cheer Season 3. Keep an eye out for that!

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Cheer Season 3 Release date

“Cheer’s” cast makes the show — after all, it’s about these real-life cheerleaders. Unfortunately, it is not as straightforward as casting a typical television programme staff. Because Navarro College is a community college, you can only attend for three years or three cheer seasons. That means that part of the cast, including fan favourites Morgan Simianer and La’Darius Marshall, have already graduated and gone on. There were a few familiar faces on one of the Navarro Cheer team’s Instagram photos. Maddy Brum and Gillian Rupert were among them, indicating that they will almost certainly appear on the show, though nothing has been confirmed as of publication.

Gabi Butler, on the other hand, has a possibility of returning. Butler tells Marie Claire, “Technically, I have one more year [at Navarro].” “A junior college can only be attended for three years; 2021 was my third year. But, due to COVID, they extended everyone’s eligibility by one year… thus, yes? I’m not sure what I want with my life right now, but stay tuned.” 

It’s worth noting, though, that she was not included in the team photo.

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Cheer Season 3 Prospective Plot

Season three of Cheer will pick up right after the events of Season two. As a result, expect a new cast and new competitions. The previous seasons focused on the challenges Trinity Valley Community College and Navarro College faced on their route to NCC. Season two of the series was an unsurprising success with fans, and we believe that season three will be equally as enjoyable as the previous instalments.

We believe that Cheer Season 3 will be a fresh new atmosphere, with new members, new competition, and new cheer routines, based on Daytona 2021.

Season 3 will almost definitely see Navarro College’s return to Daytona in 2022, assuming the team decides to compete there again.

Cheer Season 3 Trailer

As of yet, filming on Cheer season 3 has not begun since August 2022. We will keep you up to date as soon as anything new pops up.


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