Can Microsoft Save Netflix From Loss?

Netflix partners with Microsoft
Netflix partners with Microsoft
Netflix partners with Microsoft
Netflix partners with Microsoft

Netflix partners with Microsoft to offer a cheaper subscription-based plan with ads but can Microsoft save Netflix from loss? Let’s Find out.

Netflix intends to roll out a cheaper plan after losing its huge subscribers for the first time in over a decade. Yes, you heard it right.

Now, Streaming giant Netflix is saying it will partner with Microsoft to offer a less expensive membership plan integrating ads as it battles to draw in customers.

Public Announcement of the Deal

The declaration on Wednesday came as the company posted the most critical misfortune of its subscriber loss in over ten years and expected further losses to come.

“Microsoft has demonstrated the capacity to help all our advertising needs,” Chief Operating Officer Greg Peters said in a blog entry on Wednesday.

“More significantly, Microsoft offered the adaptability to innovate over time on both the sales and technology side. It also offered strong privacy protection for our customers,” Peters added.

As far as it’s concerned, Microsoft said advertisers “will have access to the Netflix users and premium connected T.V. stock.”

“All advertisements served on Netflix will be solely available through the Microsoft platform,” it said.

Advertising Deals and Sales

Last year, Microsoft got $10 billion in advertisement income selling ads on different services. This includes revenue from its Bing web search tool and its business-centered social network, LinkedIn.

Last month, Microsoft finished acquiring AT&T Inc’s T.N. online advertising platform, Xandr Inc. This permits advertisers to purchase ad space across hundreds of thousands of sites and target audiences.

Privacy Concerns

Adding advertising means that Netflix will open itself to a few sensitive issues, including debates around clients’ personal info being sold on a massive scale to try and target the audience with more personalized and lucrative ads.

This concern was recently seen with social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp.

Partnership Analysis

Business Analysts were not astonished by Netflix’s choice of Microsoft because it offers fewer conflicts of interest for its service than a few different companies.

“Unlike the main three ad vendors in Google, Meta, and Amazon, Microsoft hasn’t pushed competing streaming services,” wrote Business Analyst Ross Benes.

The announcement of the partnership leads Netflix’s second-quarter income report on Tuesday. The organization advised its investors that it could lose upwards of 2,000,000 subscribers in this period. This is despite the arrival of some famous series, such as Stranger Things, that broke viewer records.

Netflix joins some of its opponents in offering advertisement-supported services. These include Walt Disney Co’s Hulu, NBCUniversal’s Peacock, and Warner Brothers Discovery’s HBO Max.

Disney likewise plans to present a form of Disney+ with ads.

Researcher Comscore Inc said such ad-supported services are seeing quicker adoption than membership services as inflation and dwindling economy squeeze viewers’ wallets.

“Now is the ideal opportunity for subscription-based streaming services like Netflix to consider launching an advertisement supported level. This model will help to elevate their growth chart,” Comscore’s James Muldrow said in a statement.

Netflix has shown it would get tougher on sharing logins and passwords, which allow many individuals not to pay to get to the platform’s vast content.

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