C-Murder Release Date: Is the Rapper going to be Acquitted?

C-Murder Release Date

Corey Miller’s Career was going up when the conviction hit him, and since then, the rapper has been in the headlines. He has been appealing to the courts and maintaining his innocence throughout. His fans are anxious to know about the C-Murder Release Date and hope to see him make a comeback.

Here is all the info about the rapper and his incarceration. Keep reading on. 


Corey Miller, better known by his stage name C-Murder, is a rapper and songwriter from the US. Miller gained popularity in the mid-1990s as a member of his brother’s label, No Limit Records. He was primarily a member of the label’s supergroup, TRU. Miller released several solo albums through the label, including 1998’s platinum Life or Death. C-Murder has nine albums on six labels, including No Limit Records, TRU Records, Koch Records, Asylum Records, RBC Records, and Venti Uno.

On March 9, 1971, Corey Miller was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Music Career

Miller released his debut album, Life or Death, in 1998, which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. It was later certified platinum. 

Bossalinie, his 1999 album, peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.

Trapped in Crime, his debut album, debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 in 2000.

It featured fellow No Limit artists Snoop Dogg and Magic on the single “Down for My N’s.”

C-P-3.com, his final album with No Limit Records launched in 2001. It reached No. 45 on the Billboard 200[6] and featured the singles “What U Gonna Do” and “I’m Not Just.” 

 While on house arrest awaiting retrial, he released three hit albums: The Truest Shit I Ever Said (2005), which peaked at No. 41 on the Billboard 200, Screamin’ 4 Vengeance (2008), which peaked at No. 130, and Calliope Click (2009), which peaked at No. 68 on the Billboard R&B Albums chart. 

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 While incarcerated, he self-released a mixtape called Ricochet (2013) and four albums called Tomorrow, Ain’t No Heaven in the Pen, Gives Me Freedom Or Give Me Death (2021), and the compilation Oldies but Goodies.

He released a diss track in 2016 accusing rapper 2 Chainz of stealing his former group TRU and record label TRU Global Records’ slogan and name style.

C-Murder Release DateConviction

Judge Sassone’s rulings in the case became an issue in her failed re-election bid in 2008. Miller was convicted of the beating and fatal shooting of a fan at the Platinum Club, a now-closed nightclub in Harvey, Louisiana, on January 12, 2002. While under house arrest, Judge Sassone allowed Miller to promote his new, untitled CD and his novel, Death Around the Corner but ruled that a gag order about the case would remain in effect.

In November 2009, the Louisiana State Penitentiary closed down. In a 2001 incident, C-Murder’s Jason Miller fired one shot from a semi-automatic pistol, which jammed, at a man who refused him entry to a nightclub. The incident’s surveillance video was uploaded to YouTube. The jury reported being deadlocked after three hours of deliberation before returning a 10-2 guilty verdict. The judge suspected jurors switched sides under duress and ordered them to return and deliberate on the case for a more extended period.

Ernest Johnson, president of the Louisiana NAACP, requested an investigation into jury deliberations on August 27, 2009. C-Murder’s financial difficulties reportedly landed him the assistance of two Harvard attorneys, one of whom was Ronald Sullivan. One of the jurors, Mary Jacob, claimed that fellow jurors verbally abused her and a fellow juror, a 20-year-old student at Xavier University of Louisiana, for their decision to acquit.

On February 19, 2013, the Louisiana Supreme Court denied David Miller’s final appeal. Miller went on hunger strike in August 2021 to protest his conditions, claiming that the district attorney had withheld evidence. Miller’s attorney filed a post-conviction relief application in state court on April 2, 2014. She raised ten points to support her claim that her client did not receive a fair trial.

C-Murder Release Date

Miller cannot leave because he has been sentenced to life in prison. This will be the case as he can demonstrate that he is not liable for the crimes committed against him.

His release date is currently unknown until then.

However, in 2018, two significant witnesses recanted their statements in his prosecution, sparking a controversy.

Authorities, according to both, forced them to testify against Miller.

Kenneth Jordan, the first witness to come forward, stated, “I know that the individual I saw shoot the gun was not Corey Miller.” “.

Darnell Jordan, the second witness, stated, “I am certain that Corey Miller did not shoot Steve Thomas.” “.

The rapper maintains his innocence, and he, his brothers, and his nephew have all repeatedly requested a new trial.

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