Bullet Train, A Band, Led by Joey King and Brad Pitt

Bullet Train, A Band, Led by Joey King and Brad Pitt
Bullet Train, A Band, Led by Joey King and Brad Pitt
Bullet Train, a band, led by Joey King and Brad Pitt

Along with their “Bullet Train” co-stars, Brad Pitt and Joey King started a band.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Sandra Bullock, and the rest of the cast got along so well that they decided to form a musical ensemble.

It’s entertaining that we get along so well; 23-year-old Joey told Entertainment Tonight. Brad is here, just setting the tone. Our band’s leader is an incredible, gifted individual.

“We have a complete band name, too! Naked Below the Line is our reputation. Even the background of the band name escapes me!

“I have no idea how it occurred! We enjoy our time together so much.

Aaron, 32, highlighted that the band still decides what instruments to play.

We’re still working things out, he said. For instance, we’re still testing things.

Furthermore, Brad joked that the band’s name implies they “only wear shirts.”

He remarked, “Our spokesperson will be Joey. And back there, we’re all kind of doo-wooping.”

When Joey first came on the ‘Bullet Train set, she previously acknowledged that she experienced impostor syndrome and felt like a “fish out of water.”

She uttered: “Even though I’ve been acting for about 19 years—which is insane—when I entered the set for this movie, I felt as though it was my first movie and I had just landed in Los Angeles. I had imposter syndrome and felt completely out of place. I wondered, “What am I doing here?” I’m not worthy of being here.”

But Brad, 58, immediately made her feel at ease, and she was “so comfortable” with him.

She went on: “However, working on this film with the entire cast—including, of course, Brad—was a true honour—not just because they are so accomplished and have such exciting jobs, but also because they are the most incredible people to be around. We love Brad Pitt. I genuinely like Brad; He turned into a person I was utterly comfortable with, and I feel fortunate to have had this time to spend with him.

The Prince’s “gender-swapped” version of her persona was much to Joey’s delight.

She uttered: “First and foremost, I adored my character—how she was created, how evil she was, and even the strength and forcefulness of her name. They switched my gender but preserved The Prince’s name, as you stated. It made me feel incredibly strong that I thought, “This name feels like the perfect approach for me to develop the character around her.” Based on how powerful I feel when I declare, “I’m the Prince,” I decided who I wanted her to be.”

In the movie, Brad plays the assassin Ladybug, who wants to end his life but is encouraged by his handler Maria Beetle (Bullock) so they may retrieve a briefcase of a bullet train travelling from Tokyo to Kyoto. He and the other assassins on the train learn that their goals are all related while travelling.


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