Bryan Danielson reacts to allegations of being a locker room bully in AEW

Bryan Danielson reacts to allegations of being a locker room bully
Bryan Danielson reacts to allegations of being a locker room bully

AEW star Bryan Danielson on Bullying Allegations 2022.

Bryan Danielson is considered one of the biggest stars in the AEW and is a member of William Regal’s Blackpool Combat Club (BCC). Danielson has been accused several times by many of his co-stars at the AEW of Bullying. The AEW star has previously admitted that he goes into the locker room of the AEW to bully people. But, hold your horses. Before you start judging him, Danielson has clarified that his actions don’t come from bad intentions but a place of love as he only bullies’ his friends.

Danielson has admitted in a recent interview with Robbie Fox on My Mom’s Basement that he doesn’t want everyone to be staring at their phones when he walks in. This is what Bryan had to say:

“I do bully many people. Occasionally giants. I like to come in hot. When I get into the locker room, I come in hot. I’m not walking in there to be soft on these guys. If I come in and everyone is on their phone, I will shout at them.”

Celebrities react on Bryan Danielson’s Bullying Allegations.

Several celebrities have spoken about this recently. Paul Wight, aka Big Show, was one of them. In an interview, he said:

“I think, and I know, that Bryan Danielson is a bully. That’s a joke, but I think Daniel is a bully. He has this sort of a thing where he’ll come up behind big guys like myself and try to choke them out. This is why I am on edge in AEW. That scary little monster is trying his best to run up or sneak up behind me and choke me. It makes my life in AEW a bit tense and nerve-racking.”

He recalled an incident saying, “Me and Mark Henry are very nice people. We are not bullies. We are extremely kind. When you walk by Danielson, his eyes get all crazy, and he grits his teeth. It is like, you can tell he’s looking to try to rip you to shreds. And you are standing there like, ‘look pal, I just want to get a water from a Fridge. I don’t want any trouble.’ Mark Henry and I would sit over there and just choose to get dehydrated because we’re scared to go to the water cooler to get water.”

Other of Danielson’s co-stars have talked about his alleged bullying in the AEW.

Bryan Danielson speaks about bullying Paul Wight.

As we already know, his self-acknowledged habit of bullying giants is no secret. The 41-year-old Danielson talked about how he bullies Paul Wight, aka Big Show.

Bryan Danielson mentioned that sometimes the confrontation starts when Wight suddenly comes to grab him while he’s sitting on the training table:

“He initially tried to bully me, and I stood up for myself. Every now and then, I would be on the training table, and Paul, aka Big Show, would come up and grab me in some sort of way, and I would instantly, as fast as I could, try to armbar him. That absolutely happens”.

He further added, “Not that he’s an enormous guy, but I am always trying to take down Jake Hager. He’s got an (MMA and amateur wrestling) background. It’s not like I’m going in and trying to single-leg Brandon Cutler all the time. I know nothing about his single-leg defence. But it’s not like I see him, and he’s walking down the hall, and I immediately go in to double leg this guy. No, that’s not my deal. I’m going for the big guys.”

Danielson made his comeback this week against Daniel Garcia on AEW Dynamite. After a nail-biting match, the Blackpool Combat Club member lost.

About Brian Danielson

Bryan Danielson is a professional wrestler who was born on May 22, 1981. He hails from America and is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and is a member of William Regal’s Blackpool Combat Club. He is also known for his career in WWE, working from 2009 to 2021 under Daniel Bryan. In WWE, Brian got his much-needed break and went on to become of the most thrilling wrestlers to watch in the organization.

Brian Danielson Record

Brain Danielson’s record throughout his career is      

Total Fights Won: 909 (60.00%)

Total Fights Drawn: 55 (3.63%) 

Total Fights Lost: 551 (36.37%)

Kenny Omega vs Brian Danielson

Kenny Omega receives “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson back to professional wrestling with a nail-biting all-time classic wrestling match. The match was nominated for the ‘Match of the year 2021″. The match between the two legends lasted for 30 minutes. In what can only be called one of the best wrestling matches of all time, Danielson went toe to toe with the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega on AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam, achieving and conquering everything he set out to do in his AEW debut.

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