Blood of Zeus Season 2 Release Date: Is the Greek Mythology Amine getting a Release Date?

Blood of Zeus Release Date

Blood of Zeus was one of the year’s most intriguing anime. The anime, which was among the most popular on Netflix in its first week, now has a high search volume on Google. Blood of Zeus Season 2 Release Date has been going around in the anime world. Fans of the series want to know when will their beloved show premiere for the second season. This article has this answer and more. So, keep reading on.

Season 1 was one of the best anime of the previous decade. It had an intriguing storyline and was very character-driven. The passage of the plot in accordance with the character arcs made this anime a hit among the viewers.


Blood of Zeus was formerly known as Gods & Heroes. It is a Netflix original adult animated fantasy action series created and written by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides. The series, produced by Powerhouse Animation Studios and animated by South Korean studios Mua Film and Hanho Heung-Up, was released on Netflix on October 27, 2020.

The series follows Heron, Zeus’ demigod son in Greek mythology, as he attempts to save Olympus and Earth. Though Heron is an original character created specifically for the show, the existence of such demigods born of the union of a god and a human is implied to be widespread in the original myths. In its prologue, the show claims to be one of the stories “lost to history.” This was out of the norm than our current canon of Greek myths. The original tales’ gods, giants, demons, automata, and mythical mounts are featured in the show.

Release Date

The release date of the Blood of Zeus second season is not yet announced by Netflix. The revival notice has been out for some time. More than 2.5 years have passed since the announcement of the second season. However, there were numerous delays due to Covid-19 during this time period. Nonetheless, given the amount of time that has passed, we believe an announcement will be made soon. The anime is expected to return to screens in early 2023.

Voice Cast

All the favourite characters from the previous season, including Derek Phillips as Heron, Adam Croasdell as Apollo, Jessica Henwick as Alexia, Elias Toufexis as Seraphim, and Matthew Mercer as Hermes, are expected to return. There is no confirmation on which actors will join the show in the future. 

In the finale of season one, Zeus (Jason O’Mara) sacrificed his life to protect his wife, Hera (Jennifer Garner) (Claudia Christian). When we last saw her, Hera was in critical condition, but she managed to flee. She’s most likely planning her next attack. In any case, gods are immortal in a magical realm and can be revived. So the resurrection is a possibility. Simply put, fans should not bid these characters farewell just yet.

Blood of Zeus Release DatePlot

Season 2 will be built on the foundations laid down by Season 1 creators Charley and Vlas Parlapanides. According to an interview with Inverse, this week’s episodes are already in the works. “Heron and Seraphim’s stories will continue in season two, as they did in season one,” they say. Season 2’s 20-page framework includes events from season 1 that will be fully developed in the second half of the series. We go back to when the brothers divided the world into three parts: physical, spiritual, and intellectual.”

This is fantastic news if you’ve been hoping for Jason O’Mara to make a comeback as Thunder God. In a later interview, the Parlapanides brothers reveal that they plan on a five-season arc if Netflix continues to pick up the show. With so much Greek mythology at our disposal, the showrunners definitely would not run out of material to base the anime on.

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Blood of Zeus Season 2 has no available trailer. The trailer for Season 2 will be launched as soon as the release date is launched. However, we have been graced with a Teaser for season 2, and it is lit! We all look forward to the Blood of Zeus Season 2 Trailer. Till then, enjoy the teaser and rewatch the Season 1 of Blood Of Zeus.


How many Seasons will the Blood of Zeus have?

Blood of Zeus is said to have five seasons already planned.

At the end of Blood of Zeus, what happened to Hera?

Hera emerges as the season’s main antagonist, and her fate remains unknown despite Zeus’ sacrifice to save her. She’s presumed dead, but once the dust settles, she’s just gone, leaving plenty of room for a surprise attack in a potential season two.

Who was Apollo in bed with in Blood of Zeus?

In Blood of Zeus, two of Apollo’s many lovers can be seen in his bed and in the background. These two were Olympus and Hyacinthus.

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