Bette Midler Controversy: For Her “Try Breastfeeding” Remark in the Wake of the National Baby Formula Shortage, Bette Midler Draws Criticism

Bette Midler Controversy

Bette Midler Biography

Bette Midler Controversy: On December 1, 1945, Bette Midler was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Father Fred Midler worked as a painter on a military post in Hawaii, while mother Ruth Midler was a seamstress and domestic worker.

Midler pronounces her first name with one syllable, whereas Davis uses two. She attended Radford High School in Honolulu after completing Aiea Elementary School.

Bette Midler Controversy

Bette Midler Controversy: In a hot bath. Bette Midler is the subject of controversy when her seemingly innocent comment about motherhood incited ire amid a nationwide scarcity of infant formula. On May 12, the 76-year-old Hocus Pocus actress tweeted, “Try breastfeeding. It is available on demand and without charge. Stephanie Ruhle, an MSNBC host, had tweeted earlier in the day with an analysis of the day’s main news stories. Midler responded.

“The absence of newborn formula reveals an amazing covert oligopoly: “Three American companies control more than 90% of the [market], and stringent restrictions (the result of well-funded lobbying) prohibit the use of foreign formulas,” said Ruhle, 46, in a post on the social media site. “Name a comparable business, sector, or item.”

Since April, some of the country’s most popular baby formula formulas have been out of stock, making it more challenging for new parents to get infant formula at retail stores, according to a CBS News report from earlier this month. Retailers started limiting the number of products that may be purchased at once to ration the limited supply they had.

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Bette Midler Controversy: Celebrities Respond on Social Media

Bette Midler Controversy: The Beaches actress attempted to provide a recommendation that many Twitter users found offensive as many parents were looking for a way to feed their minor children. “Not everyone can breastfeed for several reasons. It is neither straightforward nor free, even for those who are able,” a user on social media said on Thursday.

“Bette, with all due respect, this is a rather bad stance,” another person said. Twins were born to me. I was unable to give both of them adequate milk. I would have had to decide who would eat if there had been no formula. Not to mention little children who are separated from their mothers.

After facing criticism for her apparent lack of comprehension, Midler, who has a 35-year-old daughter named Sophie Von Haselberg with her husband Martin Von Haselberg, retreated from her position. Their Nursing Their Young Children! Photographs of nursing mothers Jessie Cave and others share

Bette Midler Controversy

Bette Midler Controversy: “Due to a previous tweet, people are getting worse. A few hours later, the famous Broadway actor tweeted, “No shame if you can’t breastfeed, but if you can and are somehow convinced that your milk is inferior to a “scientifically researched product,” that’s something else altogether.” “However, the monopoly news is fresh to me. #WETNURSES.”

Midler had previously faced backlash for using the racist slur “N-word of the world” and calling women “most degraded creatures” on Twitter in October 2018. (The tweet has now been deleted.)

The Hocus Pocus 2 actress issued a public apology at the time, stating she was upset by Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing in light of the “Me Too” movement and wanted to express her thoughts about the sexual assault allegations against him. “Angrily, I tweeted without thinking my choice of words would be enraging to black women who suffer doubly by being women and by being black,” she said. “I am your ally and have supported you all along. And I’m sorry.

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