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Bentley University accepts cryptography as a payment method for tuition

Bentley University in Massachusetts now accepts cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for its students’ fees. As part of its “long-standing commitment to leading the way in the early adoption of technologies revolutionizing the business world,” the institution has joined with crypto exchange platform Coinbase to accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD Coins. Bentley also intends to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for donations and gift giving.

Undergraduate interest in cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology infrastructure is high, says Alex Kim, a Bentley student who founded a student-led blockchain group called the Bentley Blockchain Association last year. “Students have a strong interest in learning more about blockchain, decentralized finance, and cryptocurrency investing,” he said. “These technologies are influencing the industries in which they will work.”

Bentley is also launching a new crypto finance course on blockchain applications and decentralized finance this fall in response to the topic’s rising popularity.

According to university President E. LaBrent Chrite, Bentley University is “on the cutting edge of teaching business executives to prosper in a rapidly changing global economy.” A new technology that our students will soon be using will revolutionize the global business scene. We’re proud to embrace this new technology and teach our students about it.

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