Announcing LUGO G3’s DualFFF Technology


As of March 26, 2022 (24-7PressRelease) — New York City, New York The high-efficiency dual FFF 3D printer “LUGO G3” is being released on Kickstarter by LUGOLABS INC, the manufacturer of 3D printers.

Due to its dual FFF 3D printing technology, the LUGOLABS printer can print in a variety of different types of materials while also making multiple materials simple and stable. And in terms of the printer’s usability, it can be operated and maintained from the front without the need to rotate.

A wipe-tower has been required by most 3D printer users to switch between nozzles during dual-material printing until recently. On the other hand, wipe-towers have numerous drawbacks. In addition, they take up a lot of time, waste a lot of materials, and can even collapse in the middle of a print, causing the entire project to fail. With the new ‘Purge-box’ technology, these drawbacks are effectively alleviated.

Reduce failure rates and boost output with Purge-box technology, which makes it simple to print high-stability bonding materials.

LUGOLABS‘ second unique dual technology is the DCH-head, which was developed to allow users to dual print more easily and accurately. LUGOLABS Inc. holds the patent for this particular piece of equipment.

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A Dual Cone Head (DCH) is a type of head with a conical shape. During the dual printing process, a cone-shaped nozzle is attached and detachable from the heatblock. There are numerous advantages to this. You don’t have to worry about thermal control in the slicing software because the nozzle is far away from the heatblock. On top of all that, it saves a significant amount of time. Due to the DCH head’s rapid cooling and heating, this is a lot less time-consuming than manually controlling the temperature. When it comes to calibration, there is no longer a need for dual calibration because the nozzle is always in the same position, even when it has to be swapped out.

In LUGOLABS’ third technology, the Fila-box, moisture in the air is protected. The Fila-box is the final piece of LUGO G3’s technology puzzle.

When used sparingly, the Fila-box can keep humidity levels between 15% and 20%. High-quality products are produced as a result of this method. Higher grade engineering plastic requires the use of material drying systems, which are typically included in industrial printers that cost thousands of dollars.

A desktop printer version of the Fila-box was developed by LUGO G3 in order to reduce the size of the technology. By using an H13-grade Carbon-HEPA filter and a fan used in air circulation in automobiles, LUGO G3 eliminates the need for purification of the gas produced during printing.

LUGO G3 is set to go live on March 28th and will have a one-month fundraising campaign. The LUGOLABS website will be responsible for providing support for the product. The printer comes with a six-month warranty if there are any problems.

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