Anna Akana Net Worth, Career, Early Life, Personal Information

Anna Akana Net Worth

Anna Akana Net Worth: On YouTube, Anna Akana is a well-liked Comedy channel. 2.81 million people have become members. The track started broadcasting in 2011. Everyone is interested in learning Anna Akana’s method of income. A few people have made educated guesses, but few have a realistic idea of Anna Akana’s earnings.

Anna Akana Net Worth

Anna Akana Net Worth: Anna Akana is undoubtedly one of the top YouTube earners, with over 2 million subscribers and around 300 million total video views. Anna’s net worth is $2 million because of her business endeavours and roles in several movies and television series.

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Anna Akana Career

When she was 19 years old, Akana began a stand-up comedy career. A few months later, she also started a YouTube channel posting comedic and documentary films. She also began honing her directing skills in 2014, producing short films, including Miss Earth, which was subsequently turned into a web series called Miss 2059.

She played the central role and served as executive producer in the television series Youth & Consequences. She also publishes books and runs a company in addition to her screenwriting. In 2015, she debuted her apparel business, Ghost & Stars.

Anna Akana Net Worth

The following year, in 2017, she released her debut book, So Much I Want to Tell You: Letters to My Little Sister. She also changed her profession in 2019, moving from comedy to singing and making her debut with the track Intervention.

Anna Akana Personal Life 

She is currently single and content with her single status. In October 2018, she was also publicly acknowledged as bisexual. She reportedly started dating an American YouTuber called George Watsky on January 1st of this year.

She had romances with Brad Gage (2014–2017) and Ray William Johnson in the past (2011-2014). She is also said to be dating a woman named Maggie Levingirl. She hasn’t been associated with any speculations or issues other than that.

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Anna Akana Early Life

August 18th in the year 1989 saw the birth of Anna Kay Napualani Akana. She is a 32-year-old Leo at the moment. William Akana, a United States Marine Corps officer and Neha Akana were Anna’s parents (wife of William Akana).

Japanese, Filipino, Irish, German, Spanish, Hawaiian, French, and 56% English make up Anna Akana’s ethnic mix. She spent much of her childhood moving because of her father’s career. Anna had the opportunity to study several different languages because of her early travels.

As a child, she was drawn to animals and aspired to become a veterinarian. She is pleased to possess six cats, which are her favourite species. Jimmy, Lily, Congress, Abi, bug, and ghost are the kittens’ names.


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