Top 10 free Christmas themes for Android 2022.


As Christmas approaches, we are bringing top 10 free Christmas themes for android .Many people feel the spirit of Christmas, even if it is almost four months away! In their festive Christmassy spirit, these people are in the mood to decorate their android devices with the Christmas theme.

Christmas Themes for Android
Top 10 Christmas Themes for Android

Christmas Themes for Android are a staple for people for the entirety of the year and especially during the Christmas days. The joy and togetherness that Christmas brings to people’s lives are immeasurable, so they want their android devices to show that. So, on this note, many options are available in the niche of “Christmas Themes for Androids” on the internet. From Christmas carols to Christmas games or even Christmas recipes are widely available. But, if we want a more straightforward way to show our festive side without much hassle, the direct option is to install and decorate your Android device with a Christmas theme you like and let the World know the festive spirit you are in.

This is the easiest way to bring the Christmas spirit and the jingle bells directly to our phones wherever we go. The best thing is that all the choices are straightforward. Also, each is different in its own regard and offers the user various options, so it’s just a matter of one’s own taste which one to choose.

We have sorted out the ten best Christmas Themes for Android. There are themes for all sorts of tastes. What’s more interesting is that all these themes we present here for your Android device are free. So, without any more delays, let’s get ready to know what these themes and live wallpapers are.

Ten best Christmas Themes and Live Wallpapers for Android.

1: Merry Christmas – The Theme

This theme will turn your Android device into the Home village of Santa Clause. It’s a fascinating yet simple and impressive theme for your Android. The developer understood the assignment and used the home screen’s red buttons and golden bells. The wallpapers are brilliant in the context and are inspired by the spirit of Christmas: joy, peace, love, and brightness. This is one of the best Christmas Themes for Android.

However, there is a caveat with this theme – you have to install “GO Launcher” to be able to use this theme. If this is an annoyance to download and keep multiple launchers on your android phone, then this theme might not be for you. However, on the off-chance that you loved this theme, you can install Go Launcher from the Google Play store and then apply this theme. After installing this theme, the app will give you the prompt option to download the Go Launcher on your Android device and then launch the merry Christmas theme.

2: Christmas Live Wallpaper FREE

Liven up your Android device in the entirety of Christmas vibes with the Christmas Live Wallpaper in this Christmas theme. It’s a very attractive Live Wallpaper that reminds you of Christmas every time you glance at your phone. It makes the phone’s interface highly Christmas-oriented.

Christmas Free Live Wallpaper is one of our Top picks. The live Wallpaper is a neat and beautiful wallpaper that lets you enjoy the snowy, Christmassy day screen and the beautiful and elegant night screen. You would see the Snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, Christmas lights, Snowfall, Beautiful screen, and so on. This Wallpaper will give life to your android device and give you the joy of seeing and feeling the Christmas spirit.

3: Christmas Moon

Christmas Moon is an elegantly majestic live wallpaper for your Android phone’s home screen. In this Live Wallpaper, you will see a magic night with the full moon shining brightly overhead, the sound of snow falling and more things that make the Christmas night magical.

Not only this, this lets you customize the number of snowflakes that are falling on the ground and the size of the full moon. You can also activate or deactivate the smoke from the chimney and activate the garland animations that make the live Wallpaper much more exciting and fun and keeps things fresh if you are a person who gets bored quickly by the same Wallpaper.

4: Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper

Grab your Skates and head right into Christmas celebrations with this gorgeous winter-themed Christmas Live Wallpaper. The Live Wallpaper Features various groups of Christmas characters gliding along in the delicately falling snow. Plus, the characters are interactable.

If you take a closer look and an even closer one, you can spot someone really familiar. That someone who rides a reindeer climbs down chimneys and brings gifts to children who had been good. So, who is it? It’s our beloved Santa Claus in the company of delighted children and happy adults. The interactive live Wallpaper also presents cute and amusing pets celebrating Christmas.

As we mentioned earlier, It’s not only a live wallpaper but also an interactive Christmas game. If you don’t believe what we described, go ahead and download this Wallpaper. Touch any Christmas character on the Wallpaper and see what happens!

In our opinion, Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper is one of the best Christmas Themes for Android.

5: Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

Christmas Live Wallpaper is a beautiful 3D live wallpaper. It features a shiny Christmas Tree of light and, as an additional bonus, an exciting Countdown to the New Year and Christmas.

Both of the available scenes in the free version can be relished as a live wallpaper background or, if you are into it, a fully interactive app that runs in the foreground and lets you look freely wherever you want. It also allows you to quickly customize your settings for the optimum feel and vibe of your android device.

6: Christmas Fireplace LWP

Christmas Fireplace LWP is a fantastic package. It enables you to enter into a drawing-room with a fireplace, candles, and various Christmas-oriented decorations like a Christmas tree, snow falling outside the room, the vibes etc.

This Live Wallpaper package contains three unique themes – The Night Before Christmas, Classic Noel and Christmas Morning. Also, the package is entirely customizable. You can even add your own customized photograph to the frame that is hanging in this digital room. You can also customize snowfall type, effects, amount of snow, speed, size, and several more settings.

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7: Live Christmas Wallpaper

This is a remarkable live wallpaper for the old Milk and Cookie lover and Santa lovers. In this brilliant artistic Wallpaper, Santa is making his magical journey to the whole of the earth right from the North Pole, riding his reindeer.

If you like Christmas carols or music, just Shake your device, and you can listen to many nostalgic Christmas songs like “We wish you”, “Jingle Bells”, and “Rudolph”. You can tap twice on the Wallpaper on the screen to listen to the Christmas sounds of sleigh bells and Santa’s “HO, HO, HO” (disabled by default).

8: Santa Claus Christmas theme

If you are an ardent lover of Santas Claus, this theme is the best option available to you. We are met with wallpapers, widgets, Christmas icon packs and screen effects in this theme. So, it is without a doubt a complete option that lets you fully customize your Android device to mould it into a Christmas-reminding machine! Plus, all of this is designed bearing Santa Claus in mind.

It is a popular theme that exceeds over 100.000 downloads on Google Play. In addition to this, the download is completely free. The theme also has no transactions, although they do have ads. One condition that must be considered if you want to use it is having installed CM Launcher on your Android device. So, go ahead, and when downloading Santa Claus Christmas Theme, also download the launcher if you don’t already have it.

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9: Merry Christmas Santa 3D Theme

Another choice where Santa Claus is the great hero. Although in this theme, he is accompanied by some other characters, such as his reindeer. So overall, we get a nice, simple, clean Christmas picture on the Android device. A big plus point is that all of them are available in 3D. So, the user experience is considerably better. Again, it is one of those applications where we must have CM Launcher installed. It ranks up high in the list of best Christmas Themes for Android.

The app download is free. In addition, it does not have any purchases inside. However, we do find ads. The developer has already exceeded 50,000 downloads on Google Play.

10: Cute Christmas Santa’s Train

This is a beautiful and jolly-looking theme that can make you happy in an instant. This theme has live snowfall embedded into it. Also, it has the Christmas Santa clause mini Train theme wallpapers and tons of other similar themes.

The premise of this theme is simple yet elegant. There is not much to talk about here, other than it has a very calming effect on a person. It livens up your Android device and cheers you whenever you glance at your phone.

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