Amulet Book 9 Release Date, Prospective Plot and More!

Amulet Book 9 Release Date

Novels have been a big part of our art and culture, and many people enjoy reading them. The Amulet is a deep and detailed story of a girl who delves deep into the magical realm through an amulet. This in-depth description and the mesmerizing storyline make Amulet a top-rated novel series among readers. Recently, fans of the series have been asking about the release of the 9th instalment of the novel, i.e. Amulet Book 9 Release Date. In this regard, we got you! Here is everything about the Amulet Book 9.


Kazu Kibuishi illustrated and wrote the Scholastic comic novel Amulet. It follows Emily, a young girl who discovers a sentient and autonomous magical circle amulet at her maternal great-grandfather’s house.

Kibuishi’s series, in addition to having stunningly beautiful imagery and a plot rich in characters, should be on the bookshelf of any elementary or middle school graphic novel collector. Fans will undoubtedly appreciate how the story continues to flesh out the main characters’ backstories while also beginning to tie together some of the previously introduced storyline elements.

Release Date

“As of now, I’m working on ‘Amulet 9,’ the series’ final volume,” Kibuishi explained. “Scholastic Graphix will announce a release date as we get closer to completion.” According to the publisher’s schedule, the book will be released on April 5, 2022.


Emily Hayes

Emily Hayes is a twelve-year-old stonekeeper. She is the heir to the late infamous Silas Charnon, her late maternal great-grandfather; she is a vital member of the Guardian Council’s remaining members. She is Karen and David’s only child. Emily channels the Amulet’s immense magical strength and abilities using a long walking stick and Leon’s advice.

Emily is a “natural-born leader,” and she has proven to be a very adept fighter and stonekeeper, even if she still has a lot to learn about the true nature of her stone.

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Navin Hayes

Emily Hayes’ younger brother is Navin. Navin is initially childish and immature but matures throughout the series. Navin appears naturally gifted at controlling robots and automatons, which stems from his childhood love of video games. This talent has enabled him to perform feats that benefit the group.

The robots created by Silas regard Navin as their leader. Navin is also the Resistance’s commander. He has brown hair, similar to his deceased father.

Amulet Book 9 Release DateTrellis

Trellis is the Elf King’s son, Luger’s younger brother, and a stonekeeper and Gulfen’s intended heir. He and his brother Luger abandon the Elf King after failing to capture Emily and having his act of interception at Gondoa Mountain interpreted as treason. He eventually joins Emily and the Resistance after Emily defends them from the Elf King’s soldiers.

Trellis, like most elves, has grey skin with a lighter tone. He has long white hair. He has a long stitched-up scar on his left eye.

Vigo Light

In the fourth book, Vigo first appears when he rescues Cogsley and Miskit from the Luna Moth and brings them to his house. He befriended Max Griffin as a child, who often had no friends due to his reverence for elves.

Leon Redbeard

Leon Redbeard, like many other Kanalis residents, was cursed during his human childhood, causing him to transform into a humanoid fox (with others in the city becoming different animals). Leon’s father worked as a guard in the jail where they locked up Elf King and died when the King escaped. Following this event, Leon resolved to avenge his father by assisting the Guardian Council in defeating the Elf King.

Max Griffin

After Emily activates a beacon, Max Griffin transports her to Cielis. Instead of the void, he, Emily, and two other young Stonekeepers are mistakenly transported to Cielis’ caverns. The four complete various tasks and find themselves in the main chamber, which houses the mother stone. He steals it, revealing his genuine devotion to the Elves’ nation.

The Elf King

The Elf King makes his first appearance in the second. He was the ruler of Alledia, and he was initially an elf child who lost control of his powers and turned into a monster. A group of stonekeepers, including Silas Charnon, reverted him to normal and imprisoned him. As he died, his stone returned and reanimated him, allowing him to flee. He seized control of the Elf nation of Gulfen and led an army against the city of Cielis. He was irritated by Trellis’ rebellious nature, and he eventually let a shadow possess his son. The Voice was the thing controlling him. Emily ripped off his mask in the eighth book, showing the Voice’s symbol branded on his face. The removal of the mask eliminated him.


In Book 8, Emily is entirely possessed by the Amulet and manages to escape with the help of the other characters. The story will definitely pick up where it left off in the following book. Her bond with Amulet has been irreversibly damaged. As a result, she most probably won’t seek Amulet’s assistance in the future, or will she?

Each book in the Amulet series is distinct from the others. However, they all revolve around a horrific disaster in Emily’s life. Emily finds herself in various situations, from assisting her mother, escaping from the elves, and participating in dangerous missions. Along with this, the ninth book will deal with a new dilemma and a new journey for Emily and her brother. However, it’s possible that they won’t get any help from the Amulet this time, given her possession in book 8.

I hope you enjoyed this content about Amulet Book 9 Release Date. Stay Tuned for more!


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