New Twist in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Case

allegations against Johnny Depp

New Twist in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Case, as there is a serious allegation against Johnny Depp of trying to tamper with witness testimonies. This post will tell you everything about the Allegations against Johnny Depp. 

Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial was held in Fairfax County, Virginia. It was a highly publicized trial that resulted in a lot of controversies and a lot of media attention. The court ruled on defamation allegations levied by married couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. 

Depp had filed a defamation complaint against defendant Heard, seeking $50 million in damages. Heard counterclaimed, seeking $100 million in damages.


 Both Depp and Heard provided the court with witnesses. These were crucial in the trial’s conclusion.

Here is a list of witnesses that Depp called to testify

Depp’s sister and personal manager, Christi Dembrowski. 

Depp’s neighbour during his marriage to Heard, Isaac Baruch.

Brandon Patterson, the Eastern Columbia Building’s general manager 

Heard’s former personal assistant, Kate James.

Laurel Anderson, Depp and Heard’s therapist.

Depp’s physician is David Kipper.

Debbie Lloyd, a nurse who worked with David Kipper.

Sean Bett, Depp’s bodyguard.

Depp’s on-set audio technician since the 1990s, Keenan Wyatt.

Johnny Depp is both the plaintiff and the defendant in the counterclaim.

Depp’s former house manager, Ben King.

Tara Roberts, who was the manager of Depp’s Bahamas island at the time of the relationship.

Depp’s team hired forensic psychologist Shannon Curry.

Testimony of police officers who responded to an incident involving the couple in May 2016.

Alejandro Romero works at the Eastern Columbia Building’s front desk in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Christian Carino, who previously represented both Depp and Heard.

Divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who represented Depp in 2016.

The American Civil Liberties Union’s chief operating officer, Terrence Dougherty, testified.

Depp’s accountant, Edward White.

Depp’s security guard, Malcolm Connelly.

Another of Depp’s security guards is Starling Jenkins.

Depp’s bodyguard, Travis McGivern.

Depp’s agent Jack Whigham.

Richard Marks is an entertainment attorney.

Intellectual property expert Douglas Bania.

Heard’s nurse during the relationship was Erin Falati. 

Economic damages expert Michael Spindler.

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allegations against Johnny DeppList of witnesses called by Amber Heard to testify

Dawn Hughes who is a board-certified forensic psychologist. He is an expert in traumatic stress, violence, and abuse by Heard’s legal team. 

Amber Heard is both the defendant and the counterclaim plaintiff.

Tillett Wright, a Heard friend, lived in one of Depp’s penthouses in the Eastern Columbia Building.

Raquel Pennington, a friend of Heard’s, lived in one of Depp’s penthouses.

Pennington’s fiancé at the time Joshua Drew.

Elizabeth Marz, a Heard acquaintance.

Heard’s younger sister, Whitney Henriquez.

Melanie Inglessis, a former make-up artist and friend of Heard.

Heard’s former acting coach, Kristina Sexton.

Depp’s longtime friend, Bruce Witkin.

Tracey Jacobs a UTA agent who worked with Depp from the 1990s to 2016.

Depp’s former business manager, Joel Mandel.

Ellen Barkin, who co-starred in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with Depp and had a brief sexual relationship with him

Heard’s former lawyer, Michele Mulroney.

Tina Newman is a Disney production executive.

Depp’s lawyer, Adam Waldman.

Heard’s former agent, Jessica Kovacevic.

Ron Schnell is a social media data expert witness.

Depp’s former psychiatrist, Alan Blaustein.

An orthopaedic surgeon, Richard Moore, an expert witness.

A psychiatrist, David Spiegel, an expert witness.

Kathryn Arnold, a celebrity analyst, an expert witness.


Recent Allegations against Depp

Recently, Johnny Depp has been chastised for allegedly attempting to obstruct expert witness testimony in the Amber Heard defamation case.

Johnny Depp is being accused of obstructing expert testimony from Amber Heard’s psychiatrist. She believed she was “in fact a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Mr Depp.”

Mr Depp’s Motion in Limine No. 23, made the allegations which requested that Dr Amy Banks’ testimony be denied.

It called for Dr Banks’ claims to be labelled as reliable,’ and included an excerpt from her testimony in which she stated, “What I can tell you without a doubt is that Amber Heard told me that Johnny Depp was involved in violence with her when he was using substances, especially, that she would fight back.” And those statements were made in front of Mr Depp as well, with no one contradicting them.”

These are serious allegations and can alter the fate of many people involved in the trial if substantiated.

I hope you are aware of these new allegations against Johnny Depp. Stay connected for more!


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