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A Pregnant Woman Leaves Her Room: Riddle Explained

A pregnant woman leaves her room

The premise of riddles has always been to fascinate and amuse people. Back in the day when cell phones and laptops were not rampant and people didn’t have any means of instant entertainment, Riddles were the savior of the day. Riddles have been in existence since time immemorial, and they aren’t going to cease anytime soon. Recently, a riddle has been making rounds on Social Media Sites. This Riddle is called “A pregnant woman leaves her room Riddle.” 

One of the many things that one can do to spend their time productively is to solve riddles, puzzles, and brain teasers online. While these riddles aid in the development of critical and analytical skills, they are also enjoyable to solve. 

Covid 19 lockdown saw the re-emergence of the Riddle along with several others. People online have been scratching their heads to solve this Riddle. Many of you will be correct, but you need not worry, even if you are wrong. We have written a detailed explanation of the solution to this Riddle. Read carefully and enjoy!

The Riddle

Here’s the Riddle…

A pregnant woman exits her room and goes to the refrigerator, where she opens a can of tuna, a can of soda, yogurt, and a cookie. What was the first thing she opened?

Consider this… Have you got it yet?

Still don’t get it? So, let’s get to the answer before you yeet your device away.

The Answer

The answer to this Riddle is so simple you may actually throw away your devices in frustration. Get ready for the big reveal.

She opened the door to the Fridge first!

Some people have answered that she opens her room door first. However, it doesn’t explicitly say that she opened her room door, just that she goes out of her room. 

Listing the food items individually invites you to think about which food you’d naturally eat first. But to get to the food, she’d have to open the door to the Fridge to get to some of the items. It’s addressed that she goes there first. 

Moving to the far end of the spectrum, some have argued that the woman opens her eyes first. This is definitely an interesting take, as she’d likely blink on her journey from the room to the Fridge. This is taking it too far-fetched as it opens a plethora of possibilities in the scenario. But, these are riddles, and there are endless possibilities and countless answers. So, any and all of them could be true.

That is the beauty of riddles. They seem to be easy from the get-go. But when you start to decode them, they become an annoyance and a nuisance until you get that sweet answer, and your brain can finally rest. Riddles and Puzzles are scientifically proven to stimulate your brain function and improve focus and attention span. So, keep moving on to more Riddles and Puzzles and sharpen your brain like a sword!

I hope this article on “A pregnant woman leaves her room” was helpful. Stay tuned for more.

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