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A League of Their Own Release Date: How does the 1992 Adaptation fare now?

A League of Their Own Release Date

History is fascinating, especially the ones involving defiance and the first times. A League of Their Own is a pretty unique comedy-drama for a historically based show. The show was received with warmth and love, and viewers found the premise of the show very intriguing. The keyword A League of Their Own Release date was searched very often on Google.

We have gathered all the info about the show in this article. So, let’s read it together and learn more about A League of Their Own.


Will Graham and Abbi Jacobson co-created A League of Their Own, an American period sports comedy-drama television series. The show bases itself upon the 1992 film of the same name, with new characters and storylines, about the formation of a women’s professional baseball team during World War II.

Set in 1943, the series follows the formation of the Rockford Peaches, a women’s team in the fledgling All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Carson Shaw abandons her small-town life to pursue her dream of playing professional baseball while her husband is away at war. Maxine Chapman is an African-American woman obsessed with baseball and cannot even get people to let her try out for any baseball team.

Release Date

A League of Their Own launched on Prime Video on  August 12, 2022, with all eight episodes available immediately everywhere Prime Video is available. This marked the release of the first season of the show.



1. Batter Up

Carson Shaw visits Chicago in 1943 to try out for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. There, she meets other women who aspire to play professional baseball and makes connections that broaden her horizons. Max Chapman, a Rockford resident, also attends the tryouts but is turned down. 

2. Find the Gap

Clance’s housewarming party is approaching, and Max and Clance are preparing. But Max has her sights set on the prize and requests an unusual favor from Gary. The Peaches meet their coach, Dove Porter, but struggle through the Charm School of the league. Carson is unsure how to react to her new relationship with Greta.

3. The Cut Off

During the church revival, Max must make a difficult decision to play ball while Clance struggles with her secret. Under Dove’s leadership, the Peaches are in last place and must work together to improve their game. Carson and Greta attempt to be friends, while Lupe struggles with her devotion to Dove.

4. Switch Hitter

The Peaches hit the road and are forced to collaborate in new ways. Clance is starting over, including a new job at the screw factory. Max finally gets the chance she’s been hoping for.

5. Back Footed

Max and Carson team up to help each other with their respective games and fears. Max re-establishes contact with her estranged family. Carson is unsure how she will lead the team if she cannot defeat Lupe. Greta confronts her past.

6. Stealing Home

Max and Bertie become close, and Bertie gives Max something valuable. Clance is inspired to branch out with her comics. On the field, Lady Luck appears to be on the Peaches’ side, but Carson’s concerns about Lupe’s loyalty lead to an unexpected revelation.

7. Full Count

Max gets another chance unexpectedly, and her life changes in more ways than one. A lineup change jeopardizes everything The Peaches have worked for. Carson struggles to keep the team together, and a surprise visitor forces her to reconsider everything. Lupe and Esti find something in common.

8. Perfect Game

The Peaches season comes to an emotional close in the Season One finale, while Carson and Greta grapple with what comes next. Max closes an old chapter before beginning a new one.





Abbi Jacobson as Carson Shaw, the team’s catcher. She has an ongoing clandestine affair with Greta.

Chanté Adams as Maxine “Max” Chapman, a talented pitcher, trying to break into professional baseball.

D’Arcy Carden as Greta Gill, a glamorous player of the Rockford Peaches.

Gbemisola Ikumelo as Clance Morgan, Max’s best friend, and a comic book artist

Roberta Colindrez as Lupe García, the team’s Mexican-American pitcher

Kelly McCormack as Jess McCready, a hyper-competitive Canadian player.

Priscilla Delgado as Esti González, a young Cuban player who speaks almost no English

Molly Ephraim as Maybelle Fox, an aggressive player

Melanie Field as Jo DeLuca, a fun-loving player, and Greta’s best friend

Kate Berlant as Shirley Cohen, a highly anxious player



Alex Désert as Edgar Chapman, Maxine’s supportive father

Saidah Arrika Ekulona as Toni Chapman, Maxine’s mother 

Nat Faxon as Marshall

Dale Dickey as Beverly, the Rockford Peaches’ chaperone

Aaron Jennings as Guy, Clance’s husband

Kendall Johnson as Gary

Lea Robinson as Bert Hart

Patrice Covington as Gracie



 A League of Their Own trailer is now officially released. You can watch the trailer on YouTube as well. It depicts the main characters’ struggles as they try to prove themselves as ball players while remaining true to themselves.


I hope this article on A League of Their Own Release Date was helpful. Stay tuned for more!

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